Improve your productivity to get successful

improving productivity

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Today we are living in a world where it is very easy to get distracted by emails, endless social media posts, and texts. We often find ourselves inundated by our inbox.

We have so much to do and so much to manage that it all becomes a big mess. Sure, you cannot change the available time you have, but you can manage your time efficiently so that you can be more productive.


Below we have 10 very effective tips on how to be more productive so that you can make the best use of your time.

1. Start your day with a plan

improving productivity
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Most of us get up, check their phones and emails and start responding to them. Instead of starting your day with other’s requests and demands make a plan of your own. Set your daily goals and plan to achieve them.

2. Prepare a to-do list

improving productivity
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There is something very satisfying about manually crossing a task off your list. Making a list is one of the ways to prioritize your daily tasks as well.

And it will also serve as your guide to the work that needs to be done, so you would not forget. Make your daily list, achieve the task written on them, and repeat the process the next day. No excuses.

3. Lay off the social media

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Social media is today’s biggest distraction. Of course, you need breaks. But checking into social media in between the work breaks the flow of work. Then you have to restart all over again.

For those who do not trust themselves with the internet, browsing can use the app like Freedom which stops you from using the internet for a set period.

It may look silly, but when we have adults, who cannot stop watching kitten videos, software like this sure comes in handy.

4. Give your phone a rest

improving productivity
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Yes, we do agree that smartphones are very useful when you are getting bored or waiting in a line. However, continuously checking our phones while working is a major distraction.

Some jobs do require regularly connecting to your phone. Though, nothing bad will happen if you disconnect yourself from your smartphones for a couple of hours. Put your phone, out of sight, out of reach, and out of mind.

5. Get yourself a productivity trainer

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If you think, there is too much pressure on you and you cannot do it, then it is time to get some external help. It can be your friend or colleague or anybody. All you want is an external push that motivates you towards reaching your goal.

6. Set a deadline

improving productivity
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When we don’t have a set deadline to complete a task, we push it to the next day. And you know, there are endless tomorrows.

So, if you are aiming to be more productive set a deadline for yourself and complete all your tasks within the deadline. Do not break the chain.


Source: Harvard Business Review

Now we all get hammered at work and at home. However, we don’t need to do everything in one day. Take small steps. Characterize your tasks by its importance.

Start with the most important one and then move towards the lesser important ones.


improving productivity
Source: Psychology Today

You cannot always do things right. Failures are a huge part of success. So don’t sweat too much about the little goals you didn’t achieve.

Don’t look where you have been, focus on where you are going. Keep moving on.

9. Don’t forget to celebrate your success

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Being productive is not about working 24*7. You need to give your brain a break.

Let it know how satisfying it is to accomplish things. Celebrate what you have achieved; it is like you are motivating yourself.

10. Take one step at a time

improving productivity
Source: Minute School

The biggest enemy of productivity is unnecessary expectations. This often results in undue guilt over not being productive enough.  Don’t cram your “to-do” list. Even if you have little tasks, take one step at a time. It is a long journey, enjoy it.

See, being productive is not so hard, just know what you want, make a plan, and follow it. But, hey, don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing; this is also paramount for productivity.

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