10 Tips Which Will Help You In Keeping Your Personal And Professional Life Separate



In this highly frantic life, people find it difficult to manage between the two worlds – Personal and professional lives. It is said that a human being is born on this planet to do something, but we have created so many complications in our life that it becomes hard to take a sigh of relief. There is so much of hue and cry in our lives that we just can’t resist complaining about it. At least, once in a lifetime people say that “I hate my boss”, or “I hate my life”, or their frustration sometimes worsens and takes the form of depression and eventually they surrender. It is a pity to see the people struggling day and night to become Mr. Perfectionist. It is difficult to please yourself with personal and professional life, but it is not impossible.

Here are 10 tips that you adopt in life to enjoy the best of both worlds.


1. Schedule everything

Prioritize your work at home and in office. You need to make a list of the chores that you need to finish before you leave for the office and the ones that you would do after return. If you are a mother, then keep your kids at priority No. 1 at home. Moreover, whatever tasks you are assigned in office, just get over with easy ones first, and spare more time for the arduous activities. This will help you in planning your course of life properly. This will unwind the tangled loops of your life.

2. Perform the multiple roles by knowing their significance

You may be a mother, a daughter, a wife or a husband, or anything at home, so you need to understand the essence of each role and accomplish your goals. You are an employee in your office, and you need act like one and always be particular about your work.

3. Cut-off your social life when at home

When you are with your family, try to do more of face-to-face conversation than chatting online. This will help to strengthen your bond with your relatives. This will contribute to making your personal life more active. You can take pleasure of online social life in your break time in office, but never let this habit overpower you.

4. Meditate

To rejuvenate the body and take away all the week-long stress from your body, you need to meditate. Meditation not only helps in relaxation, but it also reenergizes you and increases your power of concentration. Try meditating for half an hour on weekend; you will feel pacified

5. Avoid procrastination

It is a human tendency to delay work. Tired of following the same set of rules every day, people tend to develop inertia in their bones and thus, they leave many things for tomorrow. So, avoid doing it. You need to keep up the pace of your life intact and for that, you have to start doing tasks without much ado.

6. Get indulged in your hobbies

When you get too bored of your life, then find your passion and just become glued to it for a while. You might like to play piano, or do painting or anything that diverts your mind. Such refreshment is needed for the reduction of your stress. Get yourself some time alone and enjoy every bit of it. You never know when the weekend goes, and Monday comes to torture you.

7. Manage to take less leave from office

How many times have you heard complaints from your family members that you don’t take them out for vacations? Many times, right! So, you need to manage the paid and unpaid leaves and reserve some time for your dear ones. It is quite unmanageable, but you have to do it. Moreover, you need to make sure that your performance is not stained by your attendance.

8. Do not take unnecessary workload

When you are working in a firm, there are some shrewd people, who run away from work and very cunningly transfer their workload onto your shoulders. Beware of such witty people. It will affect your productivity because if you do the tasks allotted to others, then when will you do your work? You will also get exhausted after doing so much of work and thus, you will not be able to spend enough time with your family at home. So, avoid getting caught by such playful acts.

9.  Do not let your personal acquaintances interfere in your working hours.

It looks very unprofessional when your family members disturb you in your office. It may be their affection that draws them to you, but it does catch the attention of your colleagues. Just like it is awkward to call office mates at home, it is equally embarrassing to let your relatives enter the office. If it happens rarely, then it is fine. But if it is very frequent, then you need to talk to your family members and sort out this issue.

10. At home, wife is the boss and in office, you are your boss

When you are at home, do things the way your wife orders you to do. If you are the home minister of your house (the wife), then don’t be harsh on your husband, and let your personal time be dedicated to your children and husband. When you are in office, then remember you are the regulator of your life. So, follow the commands of your authority and do your work with full commitment and honesty.

Let’s make it simple

There is a saying “One shoe pinches another, and there is no single recipe that suits all cases”, so this just a guide to living a balanced life.  There is nothing fixed that you can do to make yourself perfect. Had there been any such thing, then we all would have been God. So, apply these tactics in your life and witness the positive change that they bring in your life. These tips will definitely bring a balance between the two most important sides of your life.

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