10 Things Every Girl Should Do Before Turning 30



It is said that “A woman’s work is never done” – when she is a kid she studies hard, then she grows up to become a genteel lady and after that, she takes care of her home and her work. A woman can never embark on a vacation. There are so many synonyms used for women- “girls” or “miss” for small kids, “lady” when she enters her age of being called an elegant wife or mother. The women have no place for themselves that deserves to be called the birthplace of these magnificent creations of nature. The women are the integration of ethereal vivacity, the brainpower, and the pure soul. Before she turns 30, everybody treats her like an immature being who has her father and mother to fulfill all her wishes. There is definitely no sorcerer’s stone which makes her wishes come true, but there are certainly few things that women can do to make their life even more jovial. 30 is the age that marks the beginning of a phase of life that demands responsibilities and obligations, so before they hit that serious juncture of life, it is better to explore something beyond imagination. So, here are 10 things that women can do before turning 30:


 1. Become a scholar

By this, I mean, to get a proper education. To all the women, you must know that the parochial thoughts of the people in the society would not let you rise. So, in order to walk shoulder to shoulder with boys, you will have to be sound, education wise. You are no Lord Buddha, who can gain enlightenment under the Banyan tree. And mind you, he renounced this materialistic world for that and meditated for years, then became “The Enlightened One.” So, be a learner and switch on the button of inquisitiveness in your body.

 2. Read novels avidly

Reading should be the ultimate ally of a woman. You might not get the guys you have a crush on in your life, but your books will always be your true friends. So, you must get engrossed by the literary world and make a fantasy of your own. You should not only read the tragic romantic novels by Nicholas Sparks, but you should also go for some classic novels like the ones written by Jane Austin. It will instill a sense of liberty in you and make you understand the meaning of womanhood.

 3. Pamper your skin

When you are in your 20s, your skin is young and soft and the moment you enter your 30s, the ringing bells start to play. Your flawless skin acquires wrinkles, and your face becomes dull. So, you must give all the care and love that is required to keep your skin healthy and glowing. You must not let your skin be the sufferer of your age.

 4. Travel the world all alone

Once you travel the world on your own, then nobody can stop you from chasing your dreams as far as you can. When you are small, everybody keeps an eye on you thinking you are tender and can’t do things on your own. So, you have to prove it to yourself that you are not in need of anybody, and you are prepared to fly high. Then only your parents and relatives would show some trust on you.

 5. Date handsome guys

You are in the age where you have so many guys waiting for your approval to their proposals, so don’t miss this opportunity. I am not saying that you become a coquette, but at least enjoy this time by not pinning over your ex-lovers and making new friends.  You must indulge in all the crazy things that you might not be able to do after 30 because of lack of leisure time.

 6. Find your passion

This is the time when your mind is sewed up to take challenges, and thus, you must not let go off this opportunity. You must set on a quest to find the things that matter to you the most and which fascinate you. Be it painting, singing, or public speaking, you must succeed in polishing that talent in you because once you reach 30; you would regret not taking pleasure out of your life.

 7. Prepare your bucket list

It is really important; you have to make this list. It should include everything that you strongly desire and have not been able to do in your life due to some reason. A bucket list puts forward your dearest and worst preferences of life.

 8. Learn to save money

The tenure of 30 years is the formative time when you can upgrade your existing knowledge about everything. As women are supposedly better house managers, so they must inculcate this habit of saving some cash for the future. Even if you start with a meager amount of your pocket money, then also you establish yourself as a learner. You must know how to maintain the budget so that in the coming years you don’t have to rely on your husband for that.

 9. Be a linguist

As per studies, it has been found that the people who are skilled in different languages have a high degree of intellectual powers. Learning a foreign language is fun, and you also open the scope of different career avenue for yourself. You must be fluent in your mother tongue as well one additional language because it will equip your lexical potential and make you a refined speaker.

 10. Do not underestimate yourself

Some women are very conscious about their looks and their dressing style, so you should not undervalue the off beaten path that you have chosen. Even if you wear old-fashioned outfits, and you have a pathetic fashion sense, then also don’t underrate yourself. You must know that you are one of a kind, and you must boost yourself up with your panache. It is only before the 30s that you can develop the verve in you to create something unusual.

Live your Life to the fullest

So, are you ready to carry out all of these activities before 30 years of age? You must understand the necessity of merry making in your life. If you are going to contemplate too much about your future and just let go of your present, then you will definitely not be able to live this life. It is just 30 years of your life that you have to devote to yourself and rest you should leave on the Almighty. You can’t imagine what a splendid life you can have if you concentrate on these most crucial decades of your life. The future awaits…..go ahead.

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