So after a long time, you finally get a number of a girl you have been eyeing for a month. Then after a few texts between you two, there is a sudden halt in replies from her end. You are left guessing what did you do wrong? Or why hasn’t she texted you back?

So let’s be clear it is completely your fault that the girl didn’t text you back. You made her think that you are like any other guy out there who isn’t that interesting. Let’s help you get through every reason why she wouldn’t text you back and you could figure out the ones that might be possible in your case.


1. She might have totally forgotten you

You thought that the little talking that you both did was great. However, it was horrible. You weren’t able to pick up the hints that she was dropping, and moreover, your jokes were more of crap. Most importantly there was no sexual chemistry between you two.

To summarize it all over, you are amongst the guys that she has rejected in the past. She was too shy to refuse to give her number, however, has now decided not to reply when you text her. She has done it with many people before and would be doing the same with you.

2. You were continuously asking her something that she has heard like a hundred times

 So how exactly did you start a conversation? Was it something like “Hey it’s ABC from last night….how’s it going?” Or something such as “Hey, so how have you been after yesterday”?  These are some of the filler questions which are asked to keep a conversation going. These seem like a desperate attempt to talk and are usually avoided by the girls.

3. You seem like you want something from her

Whenever you start a conversation, it must be something with a bit of value. The message you send should be something that she isn’t expecting or something that she would be excited about. The message you send can be humor, entertainment or sexual tension. While seeing your message pop out on screen, she shouldn’t be like “ugh..it is him again”.

 Don’t put yourself as someone who is too predictable or someone who is just like others. Sending her a text like “You free Friday?” would give her a clear indication that you want to go out with her and are just waiting for her approval.

4. Your “Texting Tone” seems to be a bit weak

While you are sending her, a text just take a moment and read it how it would appear in her head? Would you sound a bit shy and weak? Are you trying not to offend her in any way? If this is the case, then you probably might not be able to leave a good impression on her. Become a bit more confident and own each text you send.

5. She is a bit busy

It is quite a common fact the girls tend to be a bit busier than the boys. They are more open and have plenty of things to do in their lives. So in case you are able to get her number and then text her something out of the blue, the chances are that she would forget about it and probably won’t reply. With her family texting her, her other girlfriends texting her, she wouldn’t care about a boring text received from a guy who she met only once.

6. She Got a Message From Her Ex

This situation is pretty common in case she is extremely hot. Chances that while you met her and got her number, her ex might also have tried to get back in touch with her. She might now just be playing her cards close to her chest and seeing how the things are turning out. Also, you ought to remember that there are multiple people texting her simultaneously. Therefore, you ought to remain in the competition.

7. Shit! The Number You have is Probably Wrong

This is one thing that numerous guys tend to fall for….she may not be replying because the number you have of her is fake in the first place. If you are still getting her number without cross checking it, then you definitely are a fool who needs to mend his ways.

8. You’re a bit too serious

This is something that most of you know, however, don’t follow. Girls are attracted to guys who can make her laugh. Therefore stop sending her texts which are too serious and occasionally send her something funny or keep the tone of your conversation that won’t seem too desperate. Being too serious dried up any sexual juices that she might have had for you.

9. You tried to Play Too Cool

Waiting too long to text her might also be a problem. If she’s good looking then definitely there are a lot of people who would want to talk to her and during your so-called buffer period, she might have already forgotten about you. This thing of having a bit of a buffer period only works in case you have made an amazing first impression, and she liked you a lot. In the starting of the conversation, these things never work and would lead to an eventual end of the conversation.

10.You Couldn’t Leave Your Mark Before Getting Her Number


This is probably the last reason why she didn’t text you back.  You were not at all impressive, and your GAME was bad. Yes, you read this right, you are not strong enough to leave a positive impression on her which resulted in her forgetting about you.

So these are the reasons why a girl might not be texting you back. After getting a number make sure that you don’t commit any of these above-mentioned mistakes.

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