10 ways to decorate your home beautifully this Diwali

ways to decorate your home beautifully this Diwali

As we all know, Diwali is the festival of lights. It is a festival which Hindus celebrate joyfully. On Diwali, people light up their houses and shops. Have you ever wondered what the word Deepavali means? You must be knowing it, right? Deep = Diya and avali = rows which mean diyas in a row. Diwali signifies the victory of lights and brightness for Hindus over darkness and evil. Before Diwali, people clean their house and decorate their offices. Here are 10 incredible ways to decorate your home beautifully this Diwali.



We have all seen simple and plain diyas decorated at our homes on Diwali. So, why not try something new this Diwali? Go for vibrant and colorful diyas or for floral diyas which will make your house look beautiful. Floral diyas also have a fragrant delight in it. Floral diyas come in various designs, and all of them have different colors and fragrance in it. Instead of decorating your house with simple and plain diyas try decorating it with floral and colorful diyas this time.


No doubt, rangolis are familiar and old fashioned, but you can try giving them a personal touch by making them with different things. You can use decorative pots or tissue papers or pebbles to give a new touch to your rangoli this time. Just try to be a little creative with your rangoli this time so that its adds a beautiful touch to all the other decorative products in your house.


Hanging toran on your walls this Diwali will definitely change the look of your home. Torans comes in many different shapes and sizes. They look beautiful on the walls and gives the perfect Diwali touch. There are many beautiful torans available in the market. There are torans available with crystals, colorful threads, and beads. Take your pick, but choose a toran according to the theme of your Diwali decoration.Flowers


Flowers can never go out of fashion. On every festival especially Diwali flowers will always give the perfect touch to the decoration. Try decorating your house with Genda Phool or tulips or any other flower which is preferable to you. You can make garlands with the flowers, or you can put them in vases at every end of your house. You can also put some flowers in empty bowls which are kept in the garden with some water in it.


Lamps will set the perfect ambiance with your Diwali decoration. Choose Indian-inspired crafts or modified lights this Diwali. Hang them inside and outside your house. The brighter your house is, the more beautiful it looks. You just have to make sure that everything goes incredibly beautiful with the theme and the colors. You can also make paper cup lamps and decorate them in your interiors.


Lanterns are totally in fashion right now. While celebrating Diwali, you can either blow up the lanterns or buy some lanterns which you can hang in the garden. You can go for paper lanterns as it gives more of a western touch and looks fabulous with the Diwali decoration. It also makes your house look super colorful and bright. Lanterns also create an illusion of space and gives an impressive appearance to your home.


Ditch the simple candles this Diwali and decorate your house with more innovative and creative candles. You can also decorate the garden with floating candles. Use any candle which is more attractive and will go with your Diwali decoration. Candles tend to remain for a longer period.

Beautiful in-house decoration

You can also get rid of the old decorative items in your house and decorate your interiors with the new and more pleasing stuff. Buy some new cushion covers, new carpets, etc. You can also put decorative lights and fancy vases in your house. You can ditch the old center table decors with the new ones.

String lights

It is one of the most underutilized accessories. String lights are perfect for all the spaces in your house. You can put them in empty jars or bottles and decorate them in your balcony or anywhere. It’s going to look incredibly beautiful. You can also take colorful bottles as it will go perfectly with any Diwali theme. It adds a more brighter effect in your house and makes every corner look beautiful.

Balloon twine lights

It will give a modern and elegant look to your home. It is a very innovative technique of putting up light inside a colorful balloon. You can either make this at home or buy it from a shop. Balloon twine lights will give your room or balcony a more beautiful glow. It will give a more bright and pretty look inside the house. Try using these lights this Diwali.

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