10 Hobbies that will Make you Smart



10 Hobbies that will Make you Smarter

Most people think that intelligence is something that is gifted by God, and there isn’t much that you can change in it. However, this is something that isn’t completely true. While in some cases there are conditions which prevent intelligence levels from developing, however, there are certain cases which there are a lot of things that can be done to increase the intelligence quotient.

Also, we all are known to have some hobbies which we enjoy doing in our free time. They are fun as well as help in lifting up our mood a little. Below we have mentioned 10 hobbies which would help in increasing your overall intelligence levels.

  1. Play an Instrument

According to Confucius, music is something that can produce a pleasure which humans would find hard to resist. Music tends to improve the functioning of your brain which has even been proved by numerous researchers. Music is something that can actually bring out your true emotions as well as help your mind reach a state of peace. According to a number of researchers it has been found that music increases the overall memory capacity and is hence good for your brain. Playing any musical instrument has been known to teach patience as well as persistence as it is something which you require while learning any instrument.


  1. Read a Lot

Reading has been known to increase the levels of your intelligence, and this capacity is further increased if you tend to read a wide range of books ranging from anthropologies to different sorts of biographies. Reading has been known to reduce stress levels while at the same time can help you battle with a lot of emotion and also educates you on many subjects. Reading has also been known to be effective in increasing your overall knowledge on a subject while at the same time helps you be more productive in achieving your goals.


  1. Meditate

One of the most renowned advantages of meditating is that it helps you focus more on yourselves. It is one of the best things that allow you to focus on yourself while at the same time helps you to rise to a new level of being.

It has also been known to reduce the levels of stress while at the same time helps you get rid of numerous problems as well as issues. By meditating regularly, you can easily obtain a calm state of mind and hence can plan things in an organized way.


  1. Exercise Your Brain

Just as your body needs exercise to remain fit, you would also require exercising your brain regularly so that it can be in good shape. Challenging your brain to carry out numerous different tasks would help in increasing its overall functioning while at the same time would help you in being sharper.

You can increase or let’s say exercise your brain by trying things such as Sudoku or other board games. You can also try and go for numerous puzzles as well as riddle solving as this would help your brain in forming new connections. This way you can efficiently utilize your brain while at the same time would have a better problem-solving ability.


  1. Try and Exercise as much as you can

A healthy mind is necessary for maintaining a healthy brain. The brain is also just like any other muscle present in your body. Exercising helps in reducing the overall levels of tension while at the same time allows you to sleep better. Better blood circulation through the body achieved through exercise helps you in increasing your overall brain function. Studies have shown that numerous cardiovascular exercises help in generating new cells which help in improving overall brain activity.


  1. Learn Any New Language

Learning something new might not always be a very easy task however it does tend to make you a lot smarter as well as increases your brain functioning. Learning any new language requires you to analyze the grammar as well as sentence formation which helps in increasing your overall brain capacity. This has also been known that people who are known to possess high linguistic intelligence are great at decision making as well as problem-solving.


  1. Write Down What You Feel

There are a number of advantages that you would receive in case you start writing down what you are feeling. Writing has been known to increase the overall linguistic capabilities while at the same time has been known to develop skills such as creativity, imagination as well as comprehension.

People who write are known to have higher levels of intelligence while at the same time are known to be extremely expressive.


  1. Try Exploring New Places

Traveling is not something that you only do when you are bored. It is something that can help with boosting your overall levels of intelligence. Physical as well as mental tasks which are involved in traveling help you become stress-free while at the same time allow you to be more focused as well as are better able to understand numerous subjects.

Everything that you find in your way provides you with an opportunity to learn. You get to meet new people. You get to encounter new lifestyle. All of this tends to expose you to the things you have never experienced before.


  1. Try Diverse Cooking

Cooking is what many think as a waste of time. However, if people are to be believed, then you should be extremely happy when you get a chance to cook. People who are great at cooking or people who always try and cook new dishes are known to possess high levels of creativity. They are very much fond of the quality, and they aren’t afraid to try something new or wonderful.

While cooking, you learn the ability to multi-task while at the same time you can make quick and precise decisions.


  1. Be an active Participant in Sports

Participating in sports not only helps you achieve physical growth, but it also does tend to improve you mentally. Playing sports has been connected to making the brain more flexible while at the same time improve the overall health of the brain.

Watching sports has also been known to improve the overall brain function while at the same time helps in exercising your muscles. Being a part of the sport, you are known to increase response as well as co-ordination in various situations.


So, this was the list of top 10 hobbies that you might want to adapt to increase your overall intelligence quotient. (a cool infographic below)


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