10 Most Endangered Species You Must Know



There are numerous animals across the world for which you will pay heavy bucks just to get a glimpse of them. However, there are many illegal activities such as poaching and hunting happening across the world which is leading to the reduction in the total number of the few species of animals. Also, it is not just these activities which are leading to a reduction in a number of animals; there are many other things such as changing the environment and natural causes due to which some animals are to the extent of being completely wiped out from the face of the earth. Below we mention top 10 most endangered species that may soon not be seen on earth.


 1. Tigers

According to new researches being conducted, there are less than 3200 tigers left on the planet which are about 7 percent of their original value making them one of the most endangered species in the world. The increasing level of deforestation, as well as increasing levels of poaching, has resulted in a strong decline in the total number of these animals. Tigers are increasingly killed for their body parts which are also used in making of numerous medications. Natural causes such as rising levels of seas have also resulted in the reduction of tigers in the areas such as Sundarbans.

 2. Polar Bear

These are one of the most endangered species that have become the victims of climate change. If the researchers are to be believed, then these animals could be pushed towards extinction if the global warming continues at the same rate. There have been numerous attempts to protect this species of animals and WWF has been working with governments to prevent any threat released from oil gas transportation in the Arctic regions.

 3. Pacific Walrus

The latest name in the category of the most endangered species is Pacific Walrus. This year around 200 dead walruses was found on the shore of the Chukchi Sea. Pacific Walrus are known to utilise ice for their resting as well as birthing activities. With the global warming on the rise, the natural habitat of these animals is decreasing and hence these animals have been declared as endangered by the US Fish and Wildlife Services.

 4. Magellanic Penguins

These water animals were once on the verge of extinction due to the case of huge oil spills in the sea, however now these animals are facing another issue of being displaced by the ocean currents. This is causing penguins to ship to far lands in search of food, and some are dying on their way. If scientists are to be believed, then this displacement is being caused due to the changing ocean currents as well as a change in temperatures. Out of the 17 species of penguins available, 12 of them are facing serious extinction problem.

 5. Leatherback Turtle

One of the largest marine animal as well as the largest variety of turtle, this animal has been on earth for more than a hundred million years. However, these turtles are now on the list of the most endangered species as the number of these huge turtles is rapidly declining. Only 2300 female turtles can be found in the Pacific region which is one of the smallest numbers of turtle species found. The reason for this decrease is the male turtles being accidentally captured or killed by fishermen. Also, the rising levels of the sea, as well as a change in temperature, are posing a serious risk to the number of these animals.

 6. Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna is a migratory fish which is found in the western Atlantic regions. It is the single source of highest grade sushi. These fishes are known to be driven towards extinction if the unsustainable fishing methods are not stopped. In order to improve the conditions of these endangered species, serious measures need to be taken such as a temporary ban on selling as well as buying of these animals.

 7. Mountain Gorilla

These animals are known as one of the most endangered species in the world. Only 720 of these Gorillas are left in around the world, and most of them are found in Uganda. There are numerous reasons for the decline in the number of these animals with the prime one being poaching as well as hunting. Also, increasing number of wars in around the park has led to a greater reduction in the number of these animals. These animals are being increasingly protected by various organisations, and some success has been observed as the number tends to have grown from 12 to 14 per cent.

 8. Monarch Butterfly

Every year numerous butterflies migrate from North America and move over to the country of Mexico. There sufficient measures for their protection, as well as habitation, are being observed. The main reason why these are one of the most endangered species is because of the climate change. WWF over the years is trying to re-establish the natural habitat for these butterflies in Mexico where they can easily hide and be safe from the harsh weather conditions.

 9. Javan Rhinoceros

These are one of the most endangered species presnet today on the face of the Earth, and only 60 of them remain to be alive. The prime reason for the reduction in their population is due to most of the forests being converted into farmlands. These rhinoceros have been subjected to illegal poaching while at the same time their horns are used as a prized commodity in numerous Asian medicines. A special breed of these rhinoceros called as the Vietnamese Javan Rhinoceros are also on the verge of extinction with less than 12 of them remaining on the planet.

 10. Giant Panda

Giant Panda is the symbol of the WWF organisation which was founded in the year 1961. These pandas have become one of the most endangered species now, and less than 1600 of them remain alive all across the globe. These pandas are found to reside in small groups in the country of China. WWF has been working closely with the Chinese government and has been enforcing protection of these animals. These 1600 pandas are known to exist in 20 different locations and hence a lot has to be done for their protection.

These were top 10 most endangered species in the world. The organisations around the world have to take proper and fast measures to save these species before we lose them.

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