What To Do When You Like Your Best Friend’s Ex Girlfriend



Have you ever had a crush on a girl who turned out to be your best buddy’s ex-lover? Have you ever resented the timing of your love attraction towards a girl? Do you know how much it hurts when your friend steals your partner? If yes, then you must have experienced the smack of love in your life. How does it feel when your ex leaves you to begin a new relationship with your bosom buddy? It pricks really bad, right? Obviously, it should as your so-called pal has betrayed you. Have you seen in films where the wolf pack of guys makes a deal of not letting women play the gooseberry in between the bond of guys? It is true that the dearest to you cause you the most unbearable pain. People, specifically men fall in such situations where they develop a crush on their best friend’s ex-girlfriend because they have the intention in mind that if his chance is gone, so their possibility of acceptance becomes higher. But this situation becomes worse when you realize you love the girl, and you don’t know whether her answer would be positive or negative. At times, people accidentally fall in love and afterward their eyes open, and they see that it is wrong to date their friend’s former love. Actually, the person is caught between the two stools – to choose friendship or love?

Here are 10 things that you can do to escape from such situation:


1. Think about your friend’s reaction when you reveal the truth to him

If you find yourself in such a stage of life, then think about your mate’s response to your instincts. Contemplate over the fact whether this association with his ex would hurt him or he would be totally okay with it. If you don’t want to lose the camaraderie with your friend, then don’t do anything that would tear him into pieces.

2. Ask your heart – Is it valid or not?

Always ponder over this weird concept of love. Do you think it would be fair to your friend? Hopefully, you are not violating the rules of your cordial bond. If you have any such pact where dating the exes is not permitted, then you must not break the rule. You have to validate your relationship first and then think about its survival.

3. Think of the reason they broke up and then take any step forward

If your friend called off the relationship on a mutual settlement, then you must put a full stop to your feelings. If you have seen their relationship becoming sour day by day ending up with break up, then the doors are open for you. But be careful because the next time you introduce her as your girlfriend, this might upset your friend.

4. Is your friend still friends with his ex?

If you get any clue that your buddy is still a “good friend” to his ex, then there is no point of thinking about the future of your love. If you think that your best friend is not over with her, then understand him and do not be the reason for the split-up of their reunion.

5. Does she like you too?

It is equally important to know whether the person you have a crush on feels the same way for you or not. If the person has no affinity for you and she still lingers on to your friend, then taking the relationship ahead would not be a good option. You must figure it out so that you can convince your friend for the relationship.

6. Don’t take any decision in haste

Once you realize that you have a thing for your friend’s past girlfriend, then do not just run after the girl and confess your feelings. You have to consider many points before you come to any final verdict. Decisions taken in haste are always troublesome.

7. What is more valuable – friendship or your crush?

Your dilemma needs to be solved as soon as possible. You just can’t imagine what love can do to people!!! It can create walls between two friends, and it can reunite them too. You have to make up your mind and make a concrete decision to liberate from this maze. You have to choose only one out of the two because it rarely happens that you can save your friendship and love in both such situations.

8. Don’t blame the timing

When people are in this situation, they don’t blame their feelings for it, but the time when they started developing the fondness for the person. Tell me, were you not aware that she is your friend’s ex when you fell for her? Stop being childish and accept the things that you have done. You can’t cry over the spilled milk and do nothing to rectify the problem.

9. The last resort – talk to your friend about it

When none of your plans work, then the only option left is to out rightly converse about the whole scene to your friend. You never know he might approve your relationship. Whatever be his reaction, whether he screams at you, or does not want to see your face again or does not make a big deal out of it, you would prove yourself to be a true friend.

10. If you accept the relationship, then don’t flaunt it

If you don’t care about your friendship, and you just want the love of your life, then don’t be a moron and flaunt your relationship. You might have won the heart of your partner, but that does not give you the advantage of making a joke of your friend’s defeat. It is fine if you hang out with your partner along with your friend, but don’t rake up old wounds and make comparisons between you and your friend.

Do you think you will now be able to resolve any such situation if it occurs in your life? Would you be able to gulp the fact that you can’t get your love because your best friend is between you two? It is very galling to indulge in such conditions, but you can’t help it. You have to find a way out before the things get out of your hands, and you end up spoiling your precious comity and your love as well. So, don’t be afraid to confront the hardships that this tragic love brings along your path. These things just bring grief to your life and disrupt everything. If you don’t want to turn your life into havoc, then don’t take any risk.


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