10 Effective Ways to Cool Down your Hot Temper



Anger is a normal emotion, sometimes healthy but if it gets out of control, then it could create major issues in your life. It can create problems at work, in your personal life, and in the overall attribute of your life. If you are prone to have the spurt of anger, then you need to find a way to keep your anger in check. Controlling anger is very difficult, for dealing with it, you need to learn some strategies to calm yourself down at the moment. Following are the few things you can do when you feel like you are losing your cool.



The most important thing to do when you get angry is to relax, which we all forget. Getting agitated is only going to make things worse. You need to relax, take a deep breath, count to ten, repeat to yourself pleasing phrases like “take it easy” or “calm yourself” or whatever you find would work on your temper.


When you are angry, your first impulse is to be violent, reckless or insane.

And if you have a short temper it is possible that your first impulse is not an ideal one. So, in situations like this, take a step back and think to yourself that what is a better thing which can be done at that point of time, instead of knocking things around or screaming at someone.


Music always makes things better. Tuning into some of your favorite songs are likely to calm you down. Classics or some jazzy numbers are said to be more effective, but you need to find what works for you at the best. So, next time when you start getting angry, plug in your favorite music and revive the memories that make you happy.


Instead of getting fouled up over the situation try to be positive. Focusing on positive thoughts will clear your mind. Just close your eyes and think about the things that make you happy. It does not have to be directly connected to the situation. Rather, think of anything that makes you contented.


It simply means changing your attitude towards the situation. When you are angry, you only tend to think about the things that make you angry. At such a point, you start to act and think irrationally. Your mind fills up with all the negative thoughts. You need to change your attitude towards the situation instead of saying “it always happens to be” change to “this happens a lot, and I have always dealt with it. I will get through this too”.


Many people believe that when they realize what sparks their anger and figure out why they get angry, it becomes easy for them to work on their respective issues. It is important to control your anger, but it is equally important to understand the reason behind it. When you have a clearer view on your issues, you can work on reducing your anger kickbacks.


Anger is an intense emotion, and it is not a good thing to keep it bottles up. Once you are calm, express your anger, but not in a confrontational manner. Calmly sit with the person and talk about your concerns clearly with them.


Studies have shown that doing physical activities reduce the stress that results in anger. So, next time when you find your anger mounting, go for a walk or a run. Spend some time doing fun physical activities.


When you have a stressful day at work, take a time out. Give yourself a break from all the hustle. Moment of quiet and peace will really calm your mind and prepare you for the day without getting annoyed or irked.


You can deal with anger by yourself only, but there are certain situations where it’s better to seek professional help. Situations like, when you get angry at irrelevant things or when your anger response become really violent like screaming, cursing or hitting, a person must opt for a professional help and must not hesitate in such situations. This situation is chronic, and it will happen again and again, and it’s better to find a professional help before things get out of control.

Anger, when gets out of hand is a serious issue. So, it’s important to control anger before it controls you. Follow these few steps next time when you feel like your anger is an escalation. In the extreme situations, it is best to consult a professional before you hurt yourself or people around you.

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