10 Amazing Things You Can Legally Do After You Turn 18



18 – This number scares parents the most. Why? It is because this is the age when the children get wings, and they wish to fly wherever they want. This is the time when children turn into youngsters who are in a zone of being mature and immature both. Before 18 years of age, parents treat you like kids; they scold you in public; they pose restrictions on you and what not? But once you turn 18, you can welcome the amusement that you have never had in your entire life. This age is like the official stamp that permits you to do what your heart says.

Here, is the list of some amazing things that you can do legally after you turn 18:


 1. Eligible to vote

The moment the children are exposed to the happenings of the government by the media, they develop the urge to become the revolution that they wish to see in the political arena. Voting gives you that right. This the age that leads to the proper development of individuals, and makes them intellectually sound. So, enjoy the voting rights and be decisive while giving your vote to any political party.

 2. Lease an apartment for yourself

Once you become 18, you can have the authority to lease an apartment or house for you. The real-estate contractors give a positive response to such deals as they consider 18 to be the perfect age for taking such big decision. But that would definitely cost you a large amount. So, first, work hard and earn, then think of buying a house. There is a lot of time for that.

 3. Donate your blood

Despite all the negativities that this age offers, it does give you the opportunity to be a part of a noble cause like blood donation. The legal age for donation is 18, but you need to clear other parameters like hemoglobin level should be 12.5, and your weight should be 50 Kg, to be eligible to give blood.

 4. Change your name

Changing your name after such a long time is a bit weird, but think of the people who have spent 18 years of their life with the name that they hate. Imagine if you have a name that sounds more like a pet name or is very old school, for instance, Ramu, Chameli, then what would you do? Have mercy on such people, empathize with their condition. The 18 age will give you the opportunity to rename yourself and make it official. So, choose whatever name you like. Whether you name yourself after the great musician Mozart, or you select the name of your favorite cartoon character for you, the decision is all yours!

 5. Get married

Turning 18 gives you the privilege to get married. But that does not mean that tie your knot with anyone anytime. Don’t act like a fool and say that you have met your soul mate, and you are mature enough to get married. You are no Romeo and Juliet that you can just immortalize your love like them at an early age. There is a bright future waiting for you. Be determined and focus on your career. This age definitely legalizes the institution of marriage, but this is for the rural people who are eager to get their children married and settled down.

Get this thought of getting married out of your mind right now!

 6. Enjoy the nightlife and watch Adult movies

The clubs and pubs allow the entry of people above 18 years of age. Also, horny and horror movies are also only allowed after turning 18. Blushing? Excited? You do not need to. Just go ahead. You can explore the nightlife and groove wildly on the dance floor. The people aged above 18 are only allowed because there is a supply of alcohol, beers, and wines that children can’t consume at a delicate age. Lose yourself and dance!

 7. Authenticate your chivalrous nature by joining military

Many boys have the ambition of using their valor to serve the country. So, this is your chance to give it a shot. 18 is considered as a mature age when you are capable of fighting for the preservation of the honor of your country. You need to have it in your blood to become a successful Army person. Not only men but the girls are also attracted to this profession. So, let military field have the talents of both the genders. The only thing that is significant for being in the military is that the love for your country and the patriotism inside you should never die.

 8. Have your bank account

Fed up of asking for money from your parents? The age of 18 brings with it some monetary benefits. Though it is your parents’ money, still you don’t have to beg for it in front of them. Doesn’t it give you the feel of being free? Having your bank account gives you the identity of being responsible. But if you don’t want to be dependent on your parents and are desperate to earn yourself, then who is stopping you? Do it.  You can start writing content online, or be a small vendor, or anything and then open your account which has your hard earned money in it, not that of your parents.

 9. Drive a car

Obviously, you can drive a car or any other two-wheelers before 18. But here I am talking about the legal driving. Though you get a learning license before turning 18, the pride of being a Driving License holder is out of this world. Now your mother will not yell at you for taking the bike without her permission. You will drive like a free bird.

 10. Experience the exhilarating activities

There are activities like bungee jumping, getting a tattoo, and skydiving that only people above 18 years can do.  So, enjoy this royal treatment of being eligible to try these thrilling activities. Such experiences are dangerous, but their souvenirs stay with you forever.

Turning 18 has the merits of its own. But this transition from tender to being tough has some demerits as well because the youth gets indulged in vandalism and nihilism that disrupts their normal life. They become inclined towards smoking and alcohol consumption. So, if look beyond the negative aspect of this age, then definitely 18 is the number that is unforgettable. The fun and frolic that you do during this age are remembered till eternity. So, get out of this manacle of life and live the life to the fullest. Come on…. you are 18. Go out and have fun.

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