10 amazing sex ways to please a woman in bed

10 amazing sex ways to please a woman in bed

10 amazing sex ways to please a woman in bed

A woman takes more time to arouse than a man, but when they are in a mood for it, you will surely have a memorable experience. Women enjoy sex more when their partner adds some wine, love and romance to it. If you are failed to satisfy your women and is clueless to find a way, then read this article. In this piece of writing, I will be sharing some surprising and fantastic tips which will help you to please your women in bed.


1. Kiss more and more

If you want to please your woman, then kiss her more as this builds a strong bond and let women know that they can open up with you. Know how to kiss a girl. Moreover, a kiss is a very romantic act, and girls love romance as for them it is a very cute and heart touching act by their man.

2. Talk dirty to her

Yes, men do some dirty talks with her to open her. Take care of the ways you express feelings as that will decide that whether you can please her or not. Throw some sincere compliment on her regarding her appearance as your sweet words filled with passionate love will make her blush.

3. Attention on her upper body

You may consider yourself as an expert on sex, but the minute you forget to put your focus on her breasts, you will miss out a lot of things. Let your hands move on her body and maintain your connection with her boobs; squeeze delicately and tickle the nipples.

4. Nibble on her ear and neck

Her ear and neck region is very sensitive so if you know how to bite on these areas then get her closer to you.

5. First romance and then sex

If you want to please your woman, then romance with her first before sex as they seek an emotional connection with a guy before moving forward in their relationship. Romance is one of the five love stages a couple has to go through to be denoted as a forever couple. Ask her favorite movies and watch as these films will give you some ideas of how you can romantically win her heart.

6. Oral sex

Use oral sex magic to give your women perfect feeling. Oral sex makes the best sexual experience enjoyable and exciting. Make your girl feel relaxed and give signals that you are interested in devoting your time and energy to make her feel amazing.

7. Serve her variety

Girls always want something different and new so if you are trying to please her don’t use same methods every time. Try to do it differently. You can take her for an outing, gift her something she loves, etc. or Try these abnormal things in Bed ,will help you.

8. Special care

Endless love and attention is something that every girl wants from her guy. If you want to spend the best time with your girl, then show her more love and care as these small acts impress them more and build trust on you.

9. Understand your lady

Many men lose because they don’t try to understand their women. Try to find out her likes and dislikes, give surprises, love her and gradually things will fall naturally.

10. Take the lead

Girls love to be pampered and take her in your arms, kiss her like a princess, make different moves and enjoy your time with her.

A Closing Thought

Remember one thing, if you want to see your woman in a super sexy way, caress her. Cuddling and caressing will help you more rather than straight away moving towards sex. Women get excited with loving touches and seductive words. Go and win her!

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