Get the sexiest arms ever with workout without any lifting

Get the sexiest arms ever with workout without any lifting

Get the sexiest arms ever with workout without any lifting

Who doesn’t want a great physique, I bet everybody does. Seeing the ripped body of Arnold, the veins of Sylvester Stallone, the abs of Hrithik everyone sure does get inspired. You should see some tips to get skinny. While everybody does want a flawless body most of the people are too lazy to head towards the gym and lift weights which they think might hurt them.

Arms being an important part of the body sure do play an important role in enhancing the overall experience. Here are some tips to get skinny arms. A well-toned arm not only do make you look all the more appealing but also do tend to offer the clothes you wear a good fit and an aesthetic appeal.

So don’t worry if you don’t have the perfect arm shape, today we give you a few insights so as to how to build sexy arms without even lifting a quarter kilo.


1. Go For Push ups Against The Wall

Considered to be a fairly difficult exercise for many push ups do require some time before you can actually perform each rep correctly. However compared to normal push ups wall push up are what we suggest the beginners try on.

Stand about 5-6 inches away from the wall and keep both your arms over the wall separated at a shoulder distance apart. Keep your feet joined and lean forward keeping your back straight and legs stiff. Hold yourself about 1-2 cm away from the wall and then gently pull yourself back up.

Repeat this exercise for the sets of four with around 6-8 reps in a single set. If you think that the weight is too much to bear and or you are not able to perform the exercise correctly step an inch closer and try again until you reach a comfortable distance.

2. Half Circle Rotation Might Be Able to Do the trick

Generally considered as a stretching exercise, half circle arm rotations do tend to strengthen the arm muscles giving them a comparatively toned outlook. We do not recommend full circle rotation as the posture is disturbed in the long run resulting in poor movement and not correct formation of circles.

In order to do this exercise, stand on the floor with your legs separated around shoulder distance apart. Stretch your arms sideways and make sure that there isn’t any bend at your elbow. Keep your palms facing front and move them in half circular motion in a way that your palm now does face towards your back. Move them in the opposite direction retracing the previous half movement and bringing the arms to the initial positions.

Repeat this 20 times with each arm in sets of 3-4.

3. Single Arm Resisted Bicep Curl

This exercise is similar to bicep curl however in this your other hand will act as a resistance weight which you yourself could adjust or define, based on your capacity. In order to perform this exercise, keep the palm of your hand facing towards your face and the palm of other hand positioned in the horizontal fashion over it. Now bring down the first arm to the waist height with a slight bend in your elbows.

Now apply consistent pressure from the second hand onto the first one up and try to curl the first palm in.  Carry on with this exercise for 2-3 sets with each set containing 10 reps for each hand.

4. Step Climbers

The last addition to this tutorial of getting sexy arms without any lifting are the step climbers. You can do this exercise using a stair, couch or a table. Place a table in front of you and lie down in push up position behind it. Make sure your torso is well positioned and isn’t too high in the air.

Now take one hand raise it up place it on the table, followed by second hand put up on the table. Now bring down the first hand followed by the second hand. This exercise not only ensures that you have a toned arm muscle but does also help you work on your core.

So there is no need to sweat if you are afraid of gym weights. Also,here are some things that Help in Easy Exercising. With these easy to do exercises, you can get sexy arms without any need of heavy lifting.

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