10 abnormal things in Bed. Handle them with these tips

10 abnormal things in Bed. Handle them with these tips

10 abnormal things in Bed. Handle them with these tips

It is true that love changes people but do you know that love can change you to such an extent that you start accepting and naturally fall in love with the weirdness of your partner. Here I will share, some freaky bedroom tactics of the couple.


1. Explore each other’s body

While reading this, you might feel that I’m crazy talking about something which is totally weird. But it’s true; they inspect every single corner of each other’s body and wander into the deepest parts. For you it’s strange, but for them it is love, no no, it is true love. This is intimacy. Try some day and you will also love it. If your partner does this, don’t be shocked, rather support him. It is one of the ways to seduce your partner without saying a word.

2. Keep the bathroom open

I’m sure after reading this point you are in shock, but for the love birds, it’s normal. Don’t say OMG because your partner can also do the same thing. They don’t mind if the bathroom door is not locked as they have inspected every part of each other’s body. So why to feel shy in peeing or pooping in an open bathroom or having a bath infront of the partner? Have a bath together and feel the love! Here are some seductive tips to make love with your partner in the bathroom.

3. Wear each other’s clothes

Are you feeling sad? Then do one thing close your eyes and imagine couples wearing each other’s clothes. I’m sure you can’t stop laughing after visualising such this. In fact, you would love it. It is so cute. Isn’t it? For once you can be normal seeing women wearing man’s clothes, but a man wearing girls outfit like skirts one-piece, etc., will be hilarious and strange. But no doubt it will be fun both ways.

4. Dance naked

They dance naked and do worst moves till their partner is in splits. Don’t you think all these crazy and weird acts strengthen their relationship? Such acts are weird and hilarious to hear.

5. Kiss and bite

Another funny thing couples do in the bedroom is that they kiss and bite each other on nose, legs, arms, chest almost on every part of your body. Kissing and biting is normal. But can you imagine biting your partner on his/her butt?

6. Sing and do to senseless acts

They start singing together, play and roam in the room doing senseless acts like jumping on the bed, throwing pillows, making faces in front of each other etc.

7. Click funny pictures

They click pictures of each other while sleeping and frighten to upload them on social media. For sure, they will not upload it’s just for the sake of fun.

8. Cuddle a lot

Couples cuddle a lot as if they will sleep inside each other’s body. To cuddle with each other is the favourite thing of the couples. Give it a try!

9. Cracking weird jokes

Couples make very strange faces during sex and tend to crack funny jokes at that time. At times, when your partner doubts his sex skills, they crack stupid and odd jokes to reduce their nervousness.

10. Laughing like a mad

Sex is a pleasure, and usually, people prefer silence and calm environment, but you will be shocked to know that there are couples who do strange things. It’s a typical reaction as many times various awkward things happen while you are naked with your partner. Laughing together creates a real bond between them, also reduces their nervousness.

A Closing thought:

These are some “not so common” things in bed. If your lover tries anyone of these then support him/her and have fun together.

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