What is Liver Transplant and Why Do You Need It?

Liver Transplant and Why Do You Need It?


Liver and the transplantation

Among all the organs in the human body, system liver deserves special mention for its activity and properties. The liver is the largest abdominal gland in the human body system. It has a number of functions to carry out. It is responsible for the production of important enzymes, which helps in the metabolism process of the body, digesting different food materials and converting them in the form of ATP or adenosine triphosphate, which is the energy rich molecule of the body. Each and every function in the body occurs due to the energy provided by the ATP. On the other hand, it also produces many proteins which help in the overall construction as well as the conformation of the body. It is also responsible for the regulation of the bile and its secretion, which plays an important role in the gut system. The liver also functions in cleaning away the toxins and other toxic metabolites from the body along with the alcohol. Problem with the liver is a major one. To tackle these problems, liver transplantation is a very good technique to opt for a part from curing through medication. In India liver is the second most transplanted organs comparing with the kidney. So from this, it is evident that we have the best liver transplant doctor in India.

Some facts on Liver transplantation

Liver transplantation is associated with a number of crucial changes that a patient needs to follow during and also after the transplantation is successful. In this case not only the patient the people in his or her family should also be very alert as well as responsible towards her. Some basic types of liver transfer:

  • Generally, transplantation of the liver happens when a person who has already died and previously have donated his liver for the purpose of transplantation. This transplantation reaction is very much delicate and before the operation, the recipient must undergo many tests. Histological typing is the most important test that the patient undergoes, where the recipient is checked for the histological similarity with the donor whose liver will be incorporated in its body.
  • Orthotopic liver transplantation- It is the most commonly used liver transplantation technique. In this technique simply the liver of the healthy donor is transplanted with the help of surgery to the recipient whose liver is failing in its functioning. This particular technique is very much in practice these days and it has produced many success stories.
  • Transplantation from living donor- this might sound somewhat odd, however, this technique is also very much in practice. In this technique, a part of the liver which functional and also very much healthy is transferred to the recipient and the odd part of the recipients liver is removed with the healthy part of the donor. This practice in the liver transplantation has been very much helpful primarily because of the shortage of healthy liver donor.
  • There are other methods of transplantation also, whose occurrence is very much specific according to the condition and effective of the problem. Best liver transplant hospital in India have the best and expert doctors who took care of the patients in a proper way.

Need for the Liver transplantation

Liver Transplant and Why Do You Need It?

Liver transplantation can be simply stated as the removal of the diseased liver with the healthy liver from a different source. Transplantation is the last resort for any candidate having the problem. Other treatment techniques and medications are also available but this transplantation has produced the best result for this problem. However, for this reason, unless the patient is having an acute problem in the liver, the doctors don’t go for the surgical removal.

The conditions which make the doctors opt for liver transplantation are:

  • Acute Liver Problem- Acute liver problems include the abnormal metabolic behavior of the liver. It might happen due to any type of infection or if a person is having a chronic problem. In this situation, the liver cells or the hepatic cell starts behaving in an abnormal way. Apart from the infection, ingestion of any type of toxin might also aggravate the liver problem. For example, for some eating mushrooms can cause a severe liver problem. Ingestion of different type of drugs can also cause liver damage. Generally, when the liver is largely affected, it results in the condition of jaundice. Jaundice is characterized by yellowing of the skin and the eyeball which is prominently visible. Along with other characters. People having an acute liver problem must undergo transplantation within few days as with time the toxin accumulates in the liver and they damage the liver permanently in a very less time leading to death.
  • Chronic Liver Problem- Liver cirrhosis is the best example of chronic liver damage. It happens when the liver for a greater time interval undergoes serious altercation from its normal state thus changing the normal action and the course of the functioning of the liver. For a patient having the problem of cirrhosis, the liver is always scared till death. These kind of problems are very much difficult to treat as medications do not have a greater impact for its cure. On the other hand, liver transplantation is a very much potent technique which can cure a particular patient of the condition of chronic liver damage.

Cause of chronic liver injury

  • Viral Hepatitis B- Hepatitis B infection is caused much of the liver problem. Acute infection can seriously affect the liver changing the function and the conformation of the liver.
  • Alcoholism- Over consumption of alcohol not only cause the chronic liver problem but it can also lead to liver cancer.
  • Metabolic liver problem- Diseases like diabetes and obesity indices a lot of metabolic changes in the body. Thus liver is the worst affected site of those problems, causing functional loss of the liver.
  • Auto-immune disease- Autoimmune diseases those ones whose immune system affects its own body behaving in an antagonistic manner. This type of diseases affects the normal condition of the liver.
  • Genetic liver damage- Many of the individual experience this problem as they inherit genetically. Wilson’s disease is an example of that.


  • The doctors of the best liver transplant Doctor in India clearly states for the stoppage of those external elements which
  • Will affect the normal condition of the body. Thus healthy and hygienic life will definitely keep these problems at bay.

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