The Coworking Concierge – What Can A Coworking Space Offer Your Business

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You have visited your last coworking space in Kuala Lumpur. You do not want to see any more people seated at hot desks while chit-chatting about the latest in their industry. Furthermore, while that full-service café is the end-all, it is not too much different than the other coworking spaces that you have visited.

While most coworking spaces place emphasis on comfort, you need a space that is going to help guarantee you get the needed assistance for your venture. Moreover, many coworking spaces focus on building relationships, but you need a space that is going to translate these relationships into business. Even with the frustration with the numerous coworking spaces, though, coworking can still provide your business with the valuable tools you need to succeed.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly what business class coworking spaces can offer your business.

Premium Location

Many coworking spaces are in centrally-located business districts, and for your business, this places you in the middle of the daily grind. For one, coworking spaces can be found all around Kuala Lumpur’s affluent business districts. Your business not only benefits from the traffic found in many of these areas but you also have access to a number of resources.

When comparing the rents for traditional office space in Kuala Lumpur, businesses almost gain the advantage when going with the coworking space simply because it is less expensive. Most businesses only lease the use of space and the utilities and amenities that go along with it, so your business ends up saving. Click onto to see the way Servcorp’s coworking spaces in Malaysia operate.

Concierge Amenities

Many of the larger office providers can fit out your coworking space with the types of amenities that make working in the space comfortable and effective. Most standard coworking spaces provide your business with basic amenities associated with accessing the internet and using office supplies. These amenities are great, but they might not always do the job.

Great coworking spaces can provide your fit out with world-class conference and meeting rooms that are outfitted with the latest technologies. Furthermore, many of these spaces include a well-packed calendar of events for professionals who make networking a priority. While the coworking space is all about work, you might find a few of these establishments providing their renters with access to beverages, including beer and wine, in addition to a full-service café. Add in a spa and coworking is effortless. These are just a few of the most common perks of working in the coworking space.

Access To The Larger Business Community

Another great feature of these coworking spaces is that they are communities, and in some cases, communities that strive to accomplish their specific mission. For these reasons, gaining entry into these offices might require an interview. Nevertheless, when accepted, you get the benefit of being a part of a small business community that can help your business venture.

This community can help you in a number of ways. First, through networking and establishing relationships, you are almost primed for success. These relationships events can culminate in collaborative efforts, which can also build your business’s profile. Finally, the collaboration can be the bridge between your coworking community and the larger Malay community.

The Only Caveat

The only caveat with looking at high-end coworking spaces is they are considerably more expensive than your average space. However, these spaces place a great emphasis on providing service to the user and helping your business succeed. In many cases, the cost is worth the investment.

Coworking Malaysia – Concierge Class

All coworking spaces are very different from one another. However, when looking at business class coworking spaces, you might find that the perks really separate your average space with those with an emphasis on service to the renter. With this focus on your business, all your business needs are taken care of.

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