It is a thin line between crazy and genius, or so they say. Have you ever looked at an invention and wondered what the person was thinking. Some inventions are so weird that they defy logic, however, let’s give it to the inventor, he must have seen a need for that particular invention to think about it in the first place.

 For example, why do you need a robot to feed you a tomato when you are running?  Yet, a fruit vendor in Japan invented a robot that sits harnessed to your head and puts a tomato in your mouth at scheduled intervals. Think about the corporate law attorney who had to patent that particular invention, the look on his face must have been one of utter consternation.


 Anti-rape inventions

Ladies, a Chinese inventor decided to take your safety to the extreme. He came up with hairy leg stockings that are so ugly that they will totally turn off perverts.

The French took it up a notch by inventing anti-rape lingerie which have inbuilt sensors and an electric shock circuit board that delivers an electric shock to a potential rapist. The shock circuit is near the bosom because rapists tend to start with the bosom area. It also has a GPS and GSM module that will send an alert to your family and friends on your location enabling them to send you help.  Whatever the thinking behind these two inventions, at least they had the safety of the ladies in mind.

 Moustache shield

Tired of getting soup in your mustache when you’re eating? Well, an 1876 invention by Virgil A. Gates who designed the mustache shield to keep your hair out of the way when imbibing or eating.

The rat chaser

James Williams of Texas came up with the mousetrap pistol in 1882. Needless to say, few people were willing to walk around with a loaded revolver in the hopes of shooting a mouse. They probably felt that one dead mouse would not be worth the immense damage to their property.

In 1963, a Japanese inventor came up with a friendlier version known as the meowing cat machine whose main idea was to scare away the vermins. The invention was a mechanical device that made the meowing sound of a cat. Each time it made the sound the eyes would light up thus scaring away the rats and mice.

Beating breasts

These artificial breasts had a built-in heartbeat and were designed to give mums a rest because they mimicked the feel of the mothers bosom thus a great sleeping aid for very young children.

There are many other inventions that may have not stood the test of time including the group shaving machine which could have saved you many hours of waiting at the barber shop, unfortunately it could not take the shape of individual faces and was therefore not a success, the grass flip-flops which gives the sensation of walking on grass, amongst other inventions.

 No matter how crazy the invention is, it had a purpose in the inventors mind. Do not be afraid to come up with your own, if you have a great idea in your mind. Remember, all the great technology we enjoy today is because someone dared to work on their dreams.

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