Three quick ways to make your life more interesting

Three quick ways to make your life more interesting

Three quick ways to make your life more interesting

Scrolling your social media timeline has likely brought with it feelings of depression and inadequacies. It makes you wonder why you are so boring. When everyone is traveling, visiting new places or eating exquisite meals, it almost feels that you are caught up on a routine where nothing exciting happens. If you are those people envied online, perhaps this post is not for you. For the rest of us struggling to find the silver lining of joy, read on.


Drop tasks that add nothing to your life

If you say you don’t have time to do fun activities and yet you are unhappy, it is likely you have filled your time up with thing tasks that don’t add much value into your life. While it is mostly an excuse for not getting out of our comfort zone, being too busy doing things that bring no reward is an indication that you took a wrong turn or missed the path entirely. Find task to eliminate through whatever means possible and create pockets of time where you can do something worth your while.

Do something different every day

A Mississauga tax lawyer with the same routine at some point will feel like that are about to lose their faculties. Without being overly dramatic and taking a trip to the Caribbean, there are things that the lawyer can do to add just a sprinkle of spice. If you are wondering what that could be, you are likely overthinking it. Leave room for your mind to want to do random things. A morning routine can be spiced up with your favorite fruit shake. The commute to work can be paired with a new music playlist. You can sneak in a walk during lunchtime. Start small; once the appetite grows, these aspects will come naturally.

Change something- anything

Newness brings with it excitement. Why not get a new haircut? What about a new bedspread to replace your rugged one? You could perhaps purchase colorful stationery for your office desk. Don’t do everything at once as you are likely to be overwhelmed. You can undertake projects around the house on a monthly basis. Once the year makes a full circle, you’ll have a home that you love. You might also just become the host that everyone envies.

Wrap up

Adding spice to your life is all about finding a new way of thinking, feeling and doing. If you think an area of your life is stale then, by all means, change it. It could be learning something new or spending more time with friends- the small changes are what bring about a massive shift in life.

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