How to use technology for your own good.


Use technology for your own good.

How to use technology for your own good.

Technology in the workplace is very important.  However, you might have the best UX design, automation system or the best customer relationship management platform but you find that your business is still not succeeding. You may spend many sleepless nights pondering about why this is happening and still have no response.

The answer may be as simple as you not understanding what your customers actually need. If you have been using automation for a long time, then make sure you innovate so as to meet the changing customer needs.

Do not use technology just for the sake of using it. For example, if you have a CRM platform that does not respond to the customer’s needs, then you will find that the technology adds no value to your organization. Have a plan and a schedule of how you use the technology so that it actually makes sense to your business. For eg. – you can use to quickly edit, modify or compress all your pdf files at a single place, if you want to perform these tasks online.

If that technology does not help you connect better with the customers or help the customers connect better with you then you’re better off without it. Technology should augment and not in replace human interaction. For instance, your technology should help the customer interact better with you but it should not replace that human interaction, meaning that at some point, you still have to meet the customer face-to-face at their point of need. Face-to-face interaction allows you to better understand your customers as well as build stronger relationships with them. Technology should enhance the customer experience but if it makes your life easier but does not have an impact on the clients then you’re wasting your money.

The use of technology has had an impact on interactions. Meeting someone over the internet is impersonal and does not allow for the building of trustful relationships. Even communicating with employees only over the internet, leads to lower morale and productivity amongst them.

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As an employer you also have to be careful about the time employees spends on the internet. A lot of time and resources is wasted on social media sites meaning that sometimes you have to take the step of blocking access to certain websites. This can breed resentment in employees because they feel undermined. You have to cultivate healthy habits on the use of technology so as to discourage technology addiction that can have a negative impact on your bottom line.

To reap the benefits of technology you have to allocate a budget for training your employees. Without proper training, technology can decrease productivity and lead to dissatisfaction amongst employees. The migration of personal and corporate data to online platforms exposes you to cyber attacks that can shut down your business.

The one constant of technology is that it is always improving. You, therefore, have to dedicate resources to constantly upgrading your technology otherwise you will lag behind. Do not be afraid of change, even though the old technology may be working, you have to go with the time and upgrade.

Technology can be great for a business and the employees. You, however, need to constantly monitor its use to avoid time wastage, cyber attacks and the replacement of human interaction. Technology should build and not replace human interaction.

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