Poor sleeping patterns can cause health problems and your mattress might be responsible

Poor sleeping patterns can cause health problems and your mattress might be responsible

There is an interesting thing about a mattress. Sure, we need one to sleep comfortably, and the only thing we think about while going for a mattress is the “softness” of it. But the problem is once we have made the purchase we don’t think about it enough. It is imperative to understand that your mattress has a fixed lifetime and it will get worn out and damaged as time progresses. Most of us cannot even identify the physical manifestations of problems caused by an old and worn out mattress. To know how the mattress can be responsible for the poor sleep patterns leading to various physical problems, all you need to do is read on. Find more reviews about various mattresses in this article.


Why are mattresses important?

Let’s start with the importance of mattresses. You need to keep in mind that sleep disorder problems are on the rise all around the world and it can be attributed to our fast-paced lifestyle, over-indulgence in fast food and coffee along with excessive usage of Smartphone and other handheld devices. On top of all this, if you are sleeping on a worn out and damaged mattress, you are bound to experience poor sleeping patterns all through the night.

Without proper sleep you will be experiencing a decrease in the neuromuscular coordination, thought processing and general energy levels. Sleep deprivation even leads to road and workplace accidents. These can be unfortunate but at the same time are harmful to the mind and the body as well.

The science behind it

Scientists and researchers all around the world are quite adamant about the fact that investing in a good quality mattress can increase the quality of your sleep. With proper sleep, you can increase your memory and life span. Good sleep is also required for high energy levels, concentration and shedding of excess fat and weight on a daily basis.

Invest in the right mattress

It is essential to understand that mattresses like the clothing items you select must fit according to your body type and lifestyle. A “medium-soft” mattress for someone light weight won’t be the same for an individual weighing more. So it is ideal that you shop around before making a choice. Secondly, your lifestyle affects your mattress. Mattresses go soft over the years, and the inner spring mechanisms and foam layers might get damaged due to wear and tears. It is therefore essential to identify the problems and order the replacement as soon as possible,

Toss and turn syndrome

So, how to identify that your mattress needs replacement? Well, it can be very easy if you just aware, a bit! Tossing and turning all through the night is a surefire sign that there is something wrong with your mattress. A rogue spring or the foam layer that might have gotten damaged are the reasons where you must make a new investment to get a better mattress. Anti-allergic, medium-soft and waterproof varieties are popular these days.

In addition to the above mentioned it is always essential that you practice good habits and lifestyle practices at your home. Make sure you are using your bed only for sleeping. Avoid working long hours, eating and reading books on your favorite corner of the bed to increase the lifespan of your mattress.

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