Dental Hygiene: 10 Tips For Sparkling White And Healthy Teeth!

Tips for White and Healthy Teeth

Do you shy from getting a picture clicked with the sparkling smile with the appearance of teeth?

Accept it folk; you are the victim of oral problems. Having bad dental hygiene means inviting a plethora of oral issues like oral cancer, gum problems, bad breath and more.

If you are tired if sealing your lips in social circle and afraid of smiling to the fullest among your friends, here are some tips you should not overlook:


Brush and Brush: Not Only Teeth But Mouth!

Tips for White and Healthy Teeth

Now, who’s that foolish who step out without brushing? Many! Brushing mouth and teeth are altogether different aspects. How?

Your mouth doesn’t only have teeth’s, it has gums, tongue, and roof and by brushing your mouth means cleaning everything thoroughly. When brushing, place the bristles at 45 degrees near the gum line so that the bristles and the teeth are in contact with each other.

Start brushing in the back and forth direction, and in an up and down movement to remove plaque and bacteria. Once done, brush the tongue as well as the roof of your mouth to get rid of bad smell. Make sure to use a soft brush and gentle moments.

Drink Water:

Water offers umpteen many benefits and helps in the production of saliva. Also, avoid sugary drinks and sodas as they build up plague, which if not treated can result in tooth decay and can also result in things like dental treatments or dental implants.

Floss It:

While brushing can clean the teeth thoroughly and can remove the plague, floss cleans the spaces in between the teeth. It easily removes the food residue and other detrimental things that get stuck in between your teeth.

Diet Also Matters:

Try having teeth-friendly diet! We mostly drink and eat things that taste good; however, we forget the damage they do to our teeth. So, avoid them and try consuming foods that your teeth love. You can munch fruits, cheese, chicken, nuts and other veggies that aids in producing more saliva to neutralize acids present in there.

No Alcohol And Sodas:

Sodas and sugary foods are the ones you definitely should run away to maintain good oral health. Refraining from them can protect your teeth from diseases like oral cancer and tooth decay. Also, these drinks can decrease the calcium level in the body, thereby causing dental issues and other hygiene problems.

Get More Calcium And Vitamin D:

To increase bone strength and to have strong teeth, calcium is very important. So, take foods that are calcium-rich and contain enough of vitamin D.

Dentist Trips:

While the things mentioned above can help, avoiding regular dental trips can make the situation worse. So, make a habit of going to dental hygiene clinics for teeth cleaning and normal dental hygiene checkups.

Keep an eye on these changes:

If you notice any of these changes, you are suffering from bad dental hygiene:

  • Increased sensitivity to anything hot or cold
  • Color change in teeth
  • Gum bleeding or color changes
  • Visible sores in the mouth or lips
  • The tension in jaw or neck
  • Teeth clenching or grinding

Let There Be Little Fluoride In Your Mouth:

While most people don’t like the residue of toothpaste in the mouth, it can help in maintaining healthy dental hygiene. Use this trick at night to avoid the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth.

Protect Your Teeth:

If you are a sports person, protect your teeth. Wear a teeth-guard, to avoid any injury.

Your mouth plays a very important role in maintaining overall health and also aids in improving the quality of life. So, take care of your teeth to not only make them strong but also to make your simple healthy and beautiful.

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