The benefits of Muay Thai program in Thailand for your health


Muay Thai rises among many other martial arts, and it has become widely known in the sporting and fitness industry as a discipline with many health benefits. The reason why Muay Thai and no other popular martial arts are being taught in many fitness centres is that people have come to realise that it is helpful to improve our physical appearance and to fight various diseases. In this regard, this article will summarise 5 health benefits associated with practising Muay Thai.

First off, Muay Thai is an excellent way to lose weight. By practising this sport, you will be burning a lot of calories every single session. And you will be doing that while socialising and having fun. Nothing similar to those extensive cardio sessions and boring gym routines that gets people demotivated.

Muay Thai is also a healthy and safe way to improve your heart health and lower your risk of cardiovascular disease. Since it has an aerobic basis, you will be pumping a lot of blood and getting your heart to work harder. This activity will help to clear out your arteries and exercise your cardiovascular system to provide more energy in times of need.

Another health benefit is associated with metabolic disease. Type 2 diabetes and obesity are among the leading causes of morbidity worldwide, and they both have many adverse effects. Muay Thai increases your sensitivity to insulin because it works out your muscles and helps you maintain tight control over your blood glucose.

Next, speaking about Muay Thai is not complete if we don’t mention personal defence. Most people would enrol in martial arts because they want to feel safer or protect other members of their family. This discipline is devoted to give you the tools you need, not only to defend yourself but also to know when to do it and how to control your bad temper and emotions. It gives you confidence, self-control, and self-esteem.

Finally, Muay Thai at can become a great ally if you suffer from certain mental health diseases. It is known to improve anxiety and depression, and since it is a social sport, it will get you to meet new people and make new friends. In young children, it contributes to building their character while adults benefit from the upsurge of dopamine. In many cases of anxiety and depression, treatment is focused on increasing levels of this neurotransmitter, and you will do it with no extra cost after completing your Muay Thai session.

In Thailand, we have understood how this martial art is more than just hits and strikes. It is part of Thai culture and an important reason why Thai people are not stricken by the same diseases as the Western world. That’s why we have devoted training camps to teaching this famous discipline to promote it, not only in our country but also to the rest of the world. For that reason, we are sure there’s no better place to learn Muay Thai than Thailand’s training camps.

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