What’s the future of technology in education?


Mobile devices and laptops would dominate the future classroom. Is it true? Standing in the midst of 2018, it can be said that technology is sweeping through the curriculum and the classrooms. Educators and developers are relying more on the applications and products that are designed to enhance the quality of education. With the introduction of new learning modules, the traditional mode of learning is certain to change in the coming years. In addition to this, there would be a change in the role played by the educators, changing the classroom, and shifting the philosophical lookout of the teaching pattern. Whether it is a classroom-based study or any competitive exams like UPSC, technology plays a vital role. It makes the learning easier and help to save time for the students.

Changing scenario of job opportunities

In addition to playing a vital role in all the aspects of our lives, according to research, it can be concluded that more than 60% of students studying in the primary school would find them engaged in an occupation that does not exist today. Following this, it can be estimated that more than 1.5 million would come into being by 2020. In order to cope up with the digital economy, the education structure should grow as fast as the demand for IT skills is evolving.

For effective teaching and learning environments, the academic models are evolving and the new structure of learning is influencing our social, environmental and cultural factors. With the changing scenario in the education sector, soft skills are becoming more important compared to hard skills. Simultaneously, there is a great shortage in the IT sector along with more than 70% of educators and students where there is a gap to meet the IT requirements.

How infrastructures play a role in the education model?

The future of technology in education is not about any specific device but iPad and other technology-based devices are the trending ones. These would be playing a vital part in the future but they did not exist even four years ago. In the future of technology in education, there would be cloud-based software. Technology would never become a barrier to learning and teaching. Instead of installing the required software, the schools only should have access to a stable internet connection.  Therefore, infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the future of technology in the educational model.

Also, the school and other educational institutions also need to make sure that they have adequate infrastructure to cope up with the advancement in technology in the future. The scenario could be such that the teachers and students are bringing their mobile devices and make the learning procedure easier with the help of the same. Teachers can use the cloud to collect, evaluate and check the work online. In addition to this, the students should have access to the cloud such that they are able to view the grades, comments and work from their laptop, PCs, tablets. Most of the schools are already planning to incorporate such technological facilities in the school where the students and the teachers can access the devices at the free availability of internet connection. The similar scenario can come up in case of educational institutions that are offering training required to qualify the competitive examination. One such is Upsc where infrastructure plays an important role where the students can quick up their preparation.

Technologies that would influence future classroom models 

The latest technologies such as 3D printing, cloud computing, augmented reality and others are making the future of education easy enough. The schools need to be well equipped such that they are able to adapt these methods from time to time. Below, there is an illustration of the use of the latest technologies in uplifting the educational quality for all levels.


  • 3D printing – To implement in the education model, a 3D printer needs to be introduced. Without putting any restriction on the students, they should have the opportunity to be able to print whatever they want to with the help of the 3D printer. Engineering students are the ones who can get a direct benefit from this 3D printing technology. It also helps students to create a prototype of designs. For carrying out any tests in engineering, using this printing technology, the students can get models that are perfect to be used for testing. This printing technology, along with computer designs facilities the students to carry out an experiment at a cheap rate and in much less time. Also, with the help of this technology, more teachers would be able to reconstruct complex models into theatrical concepts.
  • Cloud Computing – In the future classroom, students would access their homework from a device and other learning material via Cloud. Along with this, the teacher would evaluate the task in the cloud itself and they can also make the necessary edit of the work. There is no need to bringing the heavy textbooks to the classroom, and the only requirement would be a stable internet connection through which students would be able to access both the study material and the assignments completed. In addition, students and teachers would also have access to a digital library when the school library may not be accessible. This level of convenience would actually help the students to freely work on their projects and implement their own idea to get better results. With the progress of cloud technology, students can log on to the online classroom and become part of the virtual environment in just a few clicks. Similar technological advancements are also introduced in classes that they are catering to competitive exams such as UPSC online and others.

The final words

Experts are of the opinion that human perception is changing and their idea about the science of learning is also evolving with time. External factors are also influencing the way how people understand, receive and retain the new material that comes in the way of a technological shift in the educational pattern. By collaborating with the learning method and the digital changes, a digitally enhanced and better level of education can be offered to the students. Moreover, the students should be provided with such training such that they can easily excel in their desired field.

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