How To Stay Focused When You Feel Like Giving Up



Has it ever happened to you that your life takes away all your happiness, and you are left with nothing in your hands? Do you feel that you should give up and leave everything just because things are not going in the right way? Do you think that your life has turned upside down, and you have no place to hide? If your heart says a yes to all the questions above, then I must say that you are at a juncture of life when things have slipped out of your hands and you are left with no hope to get them right. It happens to everyone. Whenever you find yourself in a painful situation, and you can’t think of a solution to escape from it, then it means your life is teaching you another lesson of becoming a better human being. Here are 8 ways you can use to stay focused when you feel like giving up:


 1. Restart

You need to start things all over again. If you are just messed up, then you should not linger on, rather you can switch on your restart mode. It will help you in gauging the situation and begin with great vigor. If you continue to stay that plight forever, then you will not be able to face the predicaments of your life.

 2. Retrospect

You should look back into your past and reminisce the best time of your life. Your past experiences will help you to push forward and become the happy person that you were once upon a time. You have to undergo this practice because your betterment is what is needed the most at this point of time.

 3. Don’t fear the future

If you are neophobic, and you are scared of the repercussions in your life, then you must close your eyes and think about your strengths. Believe that your actions will determine your future, and you will not end up complicating things for you. You need to have the guts to confront your future no matter how bitter or fortunate it would be.

 4. Motivate your innate strength

Just don’t blame your destiny for the drudgery you are going through. You have to show immense belief in your potential, and you will succeed in your endeavors. You have to believe in yourself and climb the ladder.

 5. It is time to admit the mistake

You have to stop finding mistakes in others and accept the blunders that you have committed. Once you know what went wrong, then you can solve the mystery of your life. If you know that you have done something incorrect, then you must try to mend the broken strings to get it right. Do not obey the saying that “I might not always be right, but I am never wrong”.

 6. Stick to your principles

Your principles are the drivers of your life. When you know that your life has fallen from the track, then you must hold on to your principles really tight. Sometimes the external forces try to manipulate you, and you get distracted, so, you get back your real self once you remember the way of living. Your life, your rules!

 7. Think about others who would be hurt

If you are not able to survive in the existing circumstances, then you must look around you and think about the people who care for you the most. Do you think they would be happy to see you like this? They would be shattered watching you losing yourself. You don’t understand the amount of grief that your well-wishers feel when you are disheartened. So, if not for yourself, then at least for them, wipe your tears and move on.

 8. Giving up is losing yourself

Giving up is the trait of a loser, and you are surely not one. So, you must become an eager beaver to survive in the drowning water. You do not need any life saver for you when you are capable enough to regain your strength. You have to stand still and challenge your fears and then see what wonders you can do.

 9. Don’t Give Up. Keep your Head high and Move On

The ways mentioned above will definitely draw you out of the maze you are in right now. There are many hardships in life when you lose faith in yourself, but remember one thing that your confidence and resilience can only uplift from the situation, and it is not going to happen on its own. You have to recover from the agony as fast as possible because your future is waiting for you to embrace the light of hope. You must know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, and you will find a way out of this condition. “Never lose faith in yourself.”

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