Here are sex positions to try according to your zodiac


Sex is the core need of a human body. People when they get provoked they try to reach any position to make themselves pleasurable. These sex positions will change your mind and release your al tension in one go. If you aren’t enjoying your sexual life, then this is a must-read material. As per your zodiac, you can know better how to have a suitable sex position which you can enjoy at most. You will defiantly thank your stars for this pleasant experience.



zodiac sign sex position

The fantastic sex position for the full enjoyment is reverse cowgirl as these people are born leader. They are very brave, and they believe in hard sex. They possess behavior like quick, domineering, and aggressive. It helps in controlling penetration and thrusting.


zodiac sign sex position

People in this category are likely to follow the steps of sensual intercourse. The movement of lip-to-lip contact and neck nuzzling is the best position for the sex enjoyment. Spark a neutral environment with the dim lights. Missionary is your ultimate goal while having sex.


zodiac sign sex position

These people get very excited when it comes to sex. They don’t believe in the natural going of the sex. Their best position is on the back. They feel so beautiful when they get some Goosebumps from the backside from your partner.  They have good self-pleasured.


zodiac sign sex position

They always have an appreciation when they are getting intimate. They feel like having permission from their partner before sex which is a good thing. The best position for you sex is flat on the stomach. You easily don’t get compatible with the partner but once you get then you kill it.


zodiac sign sex position

They swoon more and more for each other as they always knock out at the perfect place. You always prefer to be loved, and you express your emotions in smooth love sex. Prominent sex position is spooning. Before getting into the utensils, you like to fantasies your thoughts in the mood. You are charged with emotions in your sex.


zodiac sign sex position

You are more likely to dirty talks and can be comfortable with any of the sex positions. You always be an open book during intimacy. The superior sex position is hot standing up position. You can stand and enjoy the sex more let it be couch or kitchen.


zodiac sign sex position

You love to have a control on the sex for a long time. You prefer to have sex in the shower for so long and enjoy it the most with miraculous power. Doggy style is your passion for love. In this way, your partner can see you perfectly from all the sides.


zodiac sign sex position

Sex positions which are connected with the yoga practice are not your control. But you can do it if your partner asks for it. The crucial position for you is to face your partner and know more about their mind. In this way, you can have great control over them and make them do what you want to make yourself pleasured.


zodiac sign sex position

You are very wild and love to have rough sex. The best position for you is standing downside the doggy style. You have your body slightly downside towards your feet. You are very bold and love sex with this post a lot. In fact, you get inspired more with this type of job.


zodiac sign sex position

Spider movements are your particular sex positions. You are very likely to the surroundings. Beauty is not your concern, but you love to trap people with you. Equality is your priority.


zodiac sign sex position

You are extreme in both aggression as well as emotions. Most likely enjoy loneliness. You are satisfied with any of the sex positions. With erotic mood, you can make your partner go crazy.


zodiac sign sex position

You always like to hide your nurturing personality. Usually, you never show your emotions. You always as your partner to sit up like a cowgirl as this make you more erotic.

These are the outstanding sex positions for your extreme enjoyment as per your stars. 


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