Should you train Muay Thai for fitness and weight loss?

Should you train Muay Thai for fitness and weight loss?

Muay Thai is a variety of combat sports that originated long back in the Asian corners of Thailand. In this sport, only clinching moves are used while maintaining a standing position and this discipline is also called the “Art of Eight Limbs.” It has gained enormous popularity over the years and makes for one of the major events in many of the international athletic competitions. It is an amalgamation and joint effort of the body limbs like fists, elbows, knees, and shins that this exceptional and power packed game is played with energy and enthusiasm. The American variant of kickboxing can be regarded as a close counterpart of the Muay Thai techniques. The sport also helps in maintaining a fit body with a reduction in weight. The best way to practice the sport will be to use a hanging Punch Bag that will allow flexibility and will not involve any hassle while installing the same.

Benefits of practicing Muay Thai

Regular practicing of Muay Thai is known to have benefits for the lower body muscles. The more you practice, the better your muscles become in terms of strength. The kicks and the footwork drills make this sport a must for those who wish to build a sculpted body. There are major benefits associated with this sport which are as follows:

  • Muay Thai has proven effects on the cardiovascular system of the body. During the practicing sessions, this sport exerts quite an amount of pressure on the cardiopulmonary system which in turn makes the body adapt to better functioning of the cardiovascular system. Hence, Muay Thai will surely help in gaining a healthy heart.
  • Kicking and footwork are the two integral part of this sport that makes the leg strength increase considerably. The famous and exclusive roundhouse kick used in Muay Thai helps in building the lower body muscles more robustly.
  • As the practicing sessions of Muay Thai involve a lot of physical strength, it automatically increases the core strength of the body enhancing BMR. The movements used in this sport are of the rotational variety that ensures the all-round strengthening of the muscles. Hence, Muay Thai effectively contributes to maintaining body fitness.
  • With every punch made during the practicing sessions, Muay Thai also acts as an effective stress buster. By relieving the anxiety elements from the body, it ensures a healthy living for all.

The weight loss advantage of Muay Thai

If you are looking forward to losing some extra pounds, Muay Thai can be a healthy option to do so. Muay Thai training involves rigorous cardiovascular endurance training along with strength-based practice. Both the forms of training help in gaining an enhanced level of metabolism which burns the additional calories making the calories intake lower than the calories burnt. Hence, effective weight management can be done through Muay Thai session.

The best way out to practice the kicks of Muay Thai would be to use a Punch Bag which remains hung in a static condition until and unless you hit it. Made of PU leather, this cheaper option come featured with great endurance, elasticity and a shock absorbent microfiber padding.

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