Indian commentator becomes viral sensation after Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal

Indian commentator becomes viral sensation after Cristiano Ronaldo's goal

It has been really uncommon for a commentator to for a commentator to be vocal or showing the excitement with his voice during some of the moments in the match.  Anyone who has been a regular follower of La Liga and English Premier league will be quite familiar with the fact.

Most of the times commenters losing their mind while an astonishing goal scored or a brilliant play is made during the game.

Usually in most of the big football matches. The commentators are Arabic, English, Spanish and even Americans also.

It has been a rare instance if we seen any commentator from India has been famous for the memorable bit of commentary during the match and especially when it comes to football.

Shaiju Damodaran the Malayalee commentator from south of India has become a really viral sensation last week, after his amazing commentary which has been following Cristiano Ronaldo Freekick against Spain in the first game of the group stage of the world cup 2018.

Over the past few weeks, damodram has become an online celebrities and has reportedly been receiving plenty of messages from fans and friends alike. Speaking to a sports star about his rise of fame, the Malayalee commentator said

“I’ve been getting so many calls and my phone is buzzing with messages, but frankly, I don’t think I did anything extraordinary. I’m a professional commentator and this is part of my job. I’m just a guy who likes to talk. I’ve loved to talk since childhood and I simply do the same in the commentary box”

The 45-year old is no novice when it comes to commentary, having covered multiple cricket leagues in India and also having recently covered the ISL.

Damodaran has been received well in the past, although nothing of this magnitude has happened to him yet.

“Every season, one or two of my clips go viral, but mostly only with Malayalis. One of the most memorable incidents was during season 3 of the ISL, when the semifinal between Kerala Blasters and Delhi Dynamos went into a penalty shootout. Kerala won 3-0 and I spoke about how Steve Coppel and Sachin Tendulkar had created a stellar team by using lines from the popular Malayalam song Poomaram. This was very well-received and went viral among Malayalis.”

“The difference between that instance and the Ronaldo clip is that this video went viral across the country because it has Cristiano Ronaldo in it. The World Cup is a global event and thus it’s getting more attention.” Damodaran also revealed that he’s inspired by none other than English commentator Ray Hudson, and would love to cover football matches from the Premier League and La Liga. ”

It would certainly be a dream come true for me”, he says.

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