Why Could Big Bash League be the Next Big Thing After IPL?


When it comes to the T20 league, IPL continues to stand at the forefront. However, Australia’s Big Bash League is considered a strong challenger as it is gaining tremendous popularity and is competing with ILP in terms of popularity and finances.  Along with that, BBL is now played on many fantasy sports platforms which adds as a benefit to the users. Below are the five reasons why the Big Bash League is considered a big competition for IPL –



IPL presently has eight teams with a probability of being two add in the coming years. BBL 2019-2020 also has eight teams that compete with each other for around six weeks. While IPL has 60 games, BBL has merely 43 games. In the latter, games are not played daily, creating more interest among the viewers. Smart scheduling of Big Bash League is an important factor that makes it popular among the views across the world.


The schedule of the T20 league should be made at a time when people from around the world can tune in to enjoy the games. It is certainly impossible to time the game at everyone’s convenience; the game is hosted at a time when most of the cricket fans can view it. In Asia, the game starts at noon, and in Europe, it starts in the morning. The timing of BBL would play an important role in ascertaining its popularity amongst the audience.

3.Local Popularity

The popularity of the any Premier League is determined by the filled seats and enthusiasm of the crowd. As far as audience attendance is considered, BBL is considered among the most well-liked league in the world. In 2016-17 it was touted as the 9th most popular league across all sports in the world with an attendance of one million people. With 2 million people present, IPL still stays ahead, but in the coming years, BBL is expected to gain more numbers. The average attendance of IPL stands at 32,000, whereas BBL comes close with an average attendance of 30, 144.

4.New Ideas

Viewing the success of the Women’s World Cup in England, people have been showing a lot of interest in women’s cricket. BBL saw this as an opportunity to expand and launched BBL’s women league. The teams are similar to the men’s team; in the coming year, this league is speculated to become more popular. ILP, on the other hand, has not developed any such concept yet.

Encouraged from the immense success of the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash League was introduced in the year 2019. It started off with eight teams from six cities in Australia. Presently it has been expanded and became one of the much-awaited sports events in Australia that takes place from December till January or February. At the core, this league is inculcated with the same flamboyance and enthusiasm as any other cricket tournament and provides a great opportunity to talented players from across the world to showcase their skills in this league. People can now utilise their skills and knowledge regarding BBL on fantasy sports platforms such as Dream11. While it has not gained the same popularity as IPL yet, it certainly gave it a tough challenge.

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