How to Use a String Trimmer Like a Pro

How to Use a String Trimmer Like a Pro


Purchasing the best quality string is an entirely different thing than using it properly. You must follow the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer to get the best results and professional performance from your high-quality trimmer.

Some tips about how to use a string trimmer like a pro

  1. The direction of cutting

Unlike saw that ejects dust from one particular direction, a trimmer displaces the grass in your lawn from the spool or the line. The direction in which the spool spins determines the direction of ejection of grass and other debris. For example, if the direction of spinning is in the form of clockwise rotation, then the grass is displayed on the right side. You must keep this fact in mind as this will help you to get a neat cut. You can definitely use the best cordless grass trimmer edger for cleaning the lawn of your yard or garden.

  1. The cutting power of the trimmer

Your trimmer utilizes centrifugal force of high speed to execute the process of cutting. The manufacturers design the trimmers in such a manner that enables them to work fast. The cutting speed and capacity of your trimmer increases if it has high spinning speed as this makes the line stiffer. You will find a prevalent concept among people that they can cut the grass by merely hovering their trimmer over the garden or lawn area. But this is not the correct way. The end of the line has the most focused power of cutting. You must first know your tool correctly in order to use it most accurately.

  1. The cutting techniques of your trimmer

This tool is versatile. It contains four basic techniques for cutting grass. You must learn and practice these techniques until you master them. Mastering them will help you to get professional results. The four techniques are as follows

  • Edging
  • Screening
  • Tapering
  • Scything

All of these four techniques are unique in their way, and you can use them as per your requirement.

Some interesting facts about these four techniques are as follows

 Edging– this technique is most suitable for smooth surfaces. This cut provides you with a clean and sharp cut. This type of cut is necessary for places like the space between your drive and lawn and spaces surrounding the flowerbeds, etc. You must keep the spool of your trimmer flat and in line with the ground. You must initially choose the height of the cut you require and then step into a comfortable position to work with the trimmer. You finally need to walk on the cut path. You must be cautious about pebbles and debris ejected by your trimmer in this process.

Screening– You can use this technique to get rid of the grass that grows on cracks in sidewalks and paths. You must keep your trimmer strings just a bit above the pavement, and you get a neat cut.

Tapering– This process is very much similar to the previous technique; however, they are not identical. You can apply this technique to treat areas that have edges like edges of the walls, trees, fence lines, curbs and many more. In this technique, you must hold the tool at a slight angle so that the string of the trimmer strikes the grass.

Scything– This technique is best for areas that have long weeds or grass. You can cut any obstacles if placed in odd positions.

You must understand your trimmer and its working style and maintain the safety precautions to make the best utilization of the tool. You can apply the tricks that you have learned about using your trimmer. You must remember to remove all debris, stones and peddles before you start and also wear your gears for protection.

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