Keep Your Memory Sharp,


Sharp your Memory

Hanging mid-sentence after forgetting someone’s name or that of an everyday item is a sign that you ought to mindfully take more care of your brain. While it is not an indication of the early onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia, it is an indication that your mind is not working at optimum. That could be for various reasons, but if you wish to keep your mind sharp well into old age, here’s what you ought to consider doing, starting now.

Keep Your Memory Sharp,

Check your mental health

Stress, depression, anxiety, and such mental illnesses are all conditions that bring dis-ease on the mind. That does make it difficult for the brain to operate at optimum. Those experiencing any of the above ought to make seeking treatment for more severe cases, and finding ways to manage stress and common anxiety. Life doesn’t always pause long enough to take a rose hue. Therefore, put mechanisms in place where deadlines and conflicts can get managed. Therapy, meditation, mindfulness, yoga and deep breathing are all tools to help manage stress, leaving your mind clear to retain information and recall information.

Make rest a priority

Data over decades show a correlation between rest and memory. It gives your mind enough time to place data gathered through your sense throughout the day into long-term memory storage. It makes recalling information second nature. If you have quite a difficult time falling and staying asleep, don’t be so quick to reach for medication. Consider a Faris CPA professional that has a day job and is still in school getting additional certification. While it would be a stressful time, sleep med would make things worse. The side effects tend to impair memory. It is therefore beneficial to seek natural ways to relax the body enough to have a restful sleep.

Mind your lifestyle

One’s lifestyle is also a contributing factor to the decline in one’s ability to recall information. Smoking is linked to memory loss when aging as compared to non-smokers. If you smoke then quitting for the sake of your memory is worth the struggle. Same goes for alcohol. Just as with smoking, consuming too much alcohol increases the chances of losing one’s memory, getting dementia or other amnesia related disorders.

Wrap up

Becoming proactive in ensuring that your mind is working at optimum is how one can keep their memory sharp as they age. Loving oneself beings about the need to both take care of oneself and excel in all areas of one’s life. Being kind to you will make for a healthier brain.

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