Essential Things to Look Before Getting a Crepe Maker

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Crepe can be made in a multiple ways and is one of the easiest desserts to make. It is delicious and people love a good crepe with good fillings. If you own a restaurant or are a crepe addict, you already know there are a variety of ways that you can serve a crepe and make it unique. And with a crepe maker, all of that is made even easier.

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However, the important thing is, you need to choose the right crepe maker that suits you, your kitchen and makes delicious enough crepes. Following are some of the things that you must consider while choosing a crepe maker:

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    Electric or Gas

A number of crepe makers are available in the stores, which run on electricity or gas. Each have its own advantages over one another and you need to choose one that suits your personal requirements and the kitchen. Electric crepe makers are more energy efficient and can be easily plugged anywhere for portability. On the other hand, gas crepe makers need a natural gas line and do not offer portability. However, the gas units heat up faster, which offers increased productivity as well as profitability for you.

  • Temperature

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Different crepe makers have different temperature range. The range is usually between 120-575°F as some recipes might require a lower or higher heat. A larger temperature range means that you can cook a wide variety of crepe recipes using only one crepe maker.

  • Single or Dual

Choosing a single or dual is a matter of how many crepe do you wish to produce in a single day. If you plan to product high number of crepes each day and have sufficient space in your kitchen, the dual version will work best for you. However, if you only wish to serve a limited number of crepes on your menu or are only offered a limited amount, a single crepe maker will do that job easily. Moreover, with a single crepe maker, you can also save a good amount of space in your kitchen.

  • Size


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Not all crepe makers are made equally in size. A standard size for most of the commercial units is 15¾” or 16”. There are also bigger and smaller sizes available depending upon your preferences and amount of space available in the kitchen.

  • Cooking Surface

Almost every crepe maker unit has one particular thing in common, a cooking surface or cast iron griddle. The reason being that cast iron heats more consistently and evenly than steel or aluminium alloys. This makes it the best choice for cooking crepes. It is practically non-stick after seasoning and can also last an incredibly long time with the proper amount of care.

Most commercially available crepe makers come with cast iron griddle plates, however, some also have non-stick griddle plates. These are able to reduce the amount of seasoning needed but also allow easy turning and removal of crepes. These are great for light application, where you don’t want to put the effort and time to season the crepe unit’s griddle plate.

Crepes in London and other places are highly popular and one of the favourite desserts of a lot of people. You can easily enjoy both hand-made and crepe maker-made crepes in these locations.

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