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As future parents we had spent time on advice sites on how to choose a stroller, testing blogs, forums, and childcare stores. We wanted a beautiful new stroller, compact, handy, mixed color. A stroller with a cozy and a basket.

We had a lot of hesitation. We had unfolded a lot of strollers in the stores. The stroller was really THE thing that got the most head! No way to take anything. No way to put too much money either!

choose your stroller,

For once, it’s mostly the dad who stuck to it. I will not lie to you by saying that in the end, he could quote me almost all brands of strollers he saw in the street! We have the best strollers to buy online.

It was necessary to decide! After much hesitation, we chose this one. We kept it for almost 1 year. After she became too big. We wanted a small and lightweight cane stroller. Much more convenient in the streets and the metro of Barcelona.

With baby firefly, our desires have changed. We did not want to reinvest in a new nacelle + cozy stroller. We have become less demanding and less materialistic.

We had kept the essentials of Mister Alike the recliner, the cradle, the baby carrier, and the changing table. As a multipart, we knew what suited us best!

As future parents, it is not easy

choose your stroller

The words canopy or chassis are not necessarily familiar! Big wheels, little reds? Any land or more cities. Stroller cane group 0 or so stroller combined?

Better to take your time and learn well. Do it according to your lifestyle and what you like to do. I also advise you to see the models on Oclio. Otherwise, why not wait for the birth of a baby to test with him? (We had done this for the sunbed.) In the shop, we had dropped Mister A in each sunbed to see where he looked best! Buy Now.

First step: define your priorities

You do not buy the same stroller if you live in the city in a small apartment or in the countryside in a big house. For some parents, criterion 1 will be the comfort of the child, for others a minimal footprint because they ride in Smart and Parisian sidewalks are narrow, for others still the priority will be the longevity of the product. It is necessary to put on paper the inevitable ones that one expects of its stroller, then in a second time to attach one to the options that one finds nice without that they are essential for all that.

The case of the trios.

This is often the option that is presented to us from the first foot posed in childcare shop, type Aubert or Around Baby. We said that “the trio is practical, it goes from birth to 4 years, and you would have everything in one”.

Yes but no.

The trio is a classic stroller, a newborn hull that doubles as a car seat in the first few months, and a basket for the very first baby weeks.

Personally, I’m not a fan of trios. It is very cumbersome, often heavy and unwieldy for the parent, and it’s only barely 4 years. In general, when the child grows up, one realizes that the stroller takes the place that it is heavy with the child in it … And one abandons it for a stroller cane, much lighter and compact. Double investment.

The nacelle is often very imposing, when the hull, we must be careful of the model chosen if you want a product of good quality in terms of safety. The shell of the Streety Babe Comfort, for example, is not top, while the Pebble of the same brand is just extra.

For all that is car safety and detailed tests of hulls and car seats, I refer you to the site securing, which will tell you everything you need to know for the safety of our toddlers by car.


Before buying a stroller, we often only see the comfort of the baby. Plus its “cozy nest” plus it goes, and we forget the comfort of the parent. However, it is a criterion to take into account, because the parent is the one who pushes it all.

A height-adjustable handlebar is great for parents of different sizes, or for very small or very large parents.

Maneuverability is a must. If it is necessary to push with all his forces to advance the machine and finish soaked with sweat to the slightest displacement, it is average. Personally, I love strollers that are handled with one hand.

The weight. Always in the same logic, the more the stroller is heavy, the more it is “relook” to push (I went looking for it away that one). Remember that in addition to the weight of the frame, seat and/or basket/hull, it will add the weight of the child, which will not stop growing over time.

The folding. Again, you’re bending. As much as possible, favor models that do not require Bac + 15 to be folded, more and more strollers fold with one hand, practical when the baby is still small and you have to fold the stroller with the child in the arms.

The city dwellers

choose your stroller,

They are often a treasure trove of lightness, handling and fold/fold easily; in addition to being compact and can easily pass on a narrow sidewalk, between two cars in a parking lot or under the porches of the metro.

There are super compact models like the Babyzen Yoyo or the Ricardo Easy life (which I find more stable than the Yoyo but much less manageable), which can accommodate a newborn hull.

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