Butts or breasts? What do men like more in women?



Butts versus breasts have always been the most hotly debated topics. When the Pornhub Insights were calculated butts came out as the winner in places like South America, Latin America and Africa. Breasts came out on top in countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.Here are some Countries Where Boobs Are More Dangerous Than Guns.If considering America then butts were announced as the overall winner.

95 male college students were asked about the most beautiful thing they find in women. Men who preferred breasts were considered to have a tendency to date and have masculine interests. On the other side, the men who preferred large butts were not psychologically minded.

Some studies have concluded that female butts can be more enticing to males more than breasts. Males tend to have more attraction towards the female butts. 59 percent of men prefer female butts, and 38.5 percent showed more of a preference to their breasts.



If you prefer breasts, then you probably read a lot of sports magazines. Guys who call themselves breast men are the ones who roam around the room figuring out the ways to become the centre of attention.


The men who call themselves butt guys tend to work at business related jobs which coincide with their high value of structure in their lives.

Three reasons why men prefer butts

Something to grab

When you are clubbing with a girl and your favourite song comes, the first thing they do is look at the girl’s beautiful face and then creep up behind her and rest their hands on the butts as a regular dance moves.  Men are usually stimulated to keep their hands on the butts.

Attracted to curves

Men are attracted to the curve of the spine and that angles are what turns on men. So while males believe they are drawn to the size, it is more of the curve that they love.

Appealing to the eyes

It is something that catches the eye of a male. The female butts look more attractive to a male if she knows how to wear the right clothes.

Three reasons why men prefer breasts

Gets noticed first

Breasts are the part which gets seen first in a women’s body. Men love to look at them, and they can resist taking a peek.


Cleavage can be the most appealing thing, but without breasts, they can appeal anything. So men prefer breasts.

Nice to touch

Men love how the breasts feel in their hands. They love and care holding then always because they find it soft and supple.

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