Lodged just below Boston and above New York, Connecticut is a Northern retreat packed with class, community, and coast.

The state’s long-standing maritime tradition brings in tourists throughout the year. According to the Connecticut Office of Tourism, tourists visit Connecticut more than three times a year. The stats further revealed that during every visit, tourists spend $936 on average for entertainment, dining, shopping, travel, and lodging.

Overall, the tourism department contributes $15.5 billion to Connecticut. From bustling cities to quaint villages, Connecticut offers a wide range of places, excellent for romantic getaways and quick trips.

Visit Mystic For Interesting Adventures

Located in between Stonington and Groton is the booming seaport of Mystic, which boasts a vast number of maritime-themed attractions.

For a hassle-free experience, consider staying in vacation rentals Mystic Ct as these rentals often provide easy access to adventures like climbing, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Visits to museums and aquariums as well as cruises are often included in packages from vacation rentals Mystic, Ct.  Mystic also boasts several popular restaurants like Mystic Pizza, which was made famous in the Julia Roberts’ film Mystic Pizza.

Vacation rentals in Mystic, Connecticut, also come at an affordable price with the best offers, starting at $20 per night, which is relatively cheaper compared to hotels.

Keep in mind that hotels around Mystic range from $300 or more per night depending on the type of accommodation and amenities offered.

For best results, book early to avoid the commotion and get the best deals on vacation rentals. Usually, vacation rental companies provide services like a free airport pick up and drop in addition to discounted prices.

Greenwich Avenue For Upscale Restaurants and Luxury Cafes

Catch a quick 40-minute train from New York with a stopover at Greenwich Avenue to enjoy mouth-watering dishes and delectable drinks at trendy restaurants.

Greenwich Avenue also offers cultural experiences at Bruce Avenue and exquisite artworks at the FlinnGallery in the Greenwich Library.

A visit to the AudobonCenter is also a must-see for individuals who want to trek across well-established nature trails.

Go Old School and Visit Cornwall’s Covered Bridge

Cornwall’s unique shops and quaint buildings remind everyone of how things used to be decades ago before the emergence of technology.

Cornwall offers hiking adventures through the daring forest trails of the Mohawk State Park and skiing at the Mohawk Mountains.

Best of all, Cornwall also has a  wooden covered bridge near which families have little get-togethers and picnics.

Feel The English Vibe at the Town of Essex

Located in Middlesex County, the town of Essex is not only known for the Groundhog Day Parade but also its Steam Train & Riverboat.

Hop aboard and learn more about the history of the region while you admire the remarkable landscape of Essex.

Essex is also home to several herons and eagles, which frequent the waters of Gillette Castle State Park.

The town also has the Essex Art Association Gallery, which houses many artworks developed by artists in the early 1900s.

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