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India is a subcontinent which is known for its diversity of culture, religion, food, and people. Every part of India has its own significance and a unique identity. Why do we say that Indians are very proud of their country? The reason is that they take pride in even small moments of life. Unlike other countries, India is more about strengthening the bond between nature and humans than treating the humans like citizens. India gives a treat to the tourists by offering them a beautiful voyage of immensely enchanting fields, the placid rivers and lakes and the tall mountains at higher altitudes.

The Indian land is categorized as North, East, West, and South India and every direction have its own meaning and sanctity for the people. But East India is one part of India that is left unexplored by the people and often discriminated, especially because the East–Indians have periorbital facial structures that distinguish them from the rest of the Indians. What if they do not fit in the identity of whitish prominent featured Indians?

They are still part of this territory, and we have to treat them like one. So, the difference not only lies in the anatomical features; but also in the geographical locations. In fact, the Seven Sisters of East India namely Manipur, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Nagaland and offer a ravishing natural setting for the tourists.

Here are the 9 best attraction elements that attract tourists to East India:


 1. Monasteries

Arunachal Pradesh has the hand of God above it because the second largest monastery in Asia is here. The Tawang Monastery is one of the top attraction points in Arunachal Pradesh. It has received the honor of UNESCO heritage site and is also the second largest Buddhist Gompa in the world. It accommodates around 700 monks and 450 lamas in it. It is spacious because it encompasses museums, libraries and other institutions inside it. Enjoy the breath-taking scene from a height of 100 feet as this monastery is situated at such a high altitude. Other monasteries are Ralang Monastery and Rumtek Monastery.

 2. Adventure sports

The diverse topography of the East Indian states offers many adventure sports activities. Parasailing, trekking, and hiking will give enthralling experience. The Sikkim Paragliding Festival attracts the people across the globe. Trekking to the third highest peak in India, Kanchenjunga, is the most popular activity here. In fact, besides adventure sports, the festival conducted in Ziro valley (Arunachal Pradesh) provides relief to the music lovers.

 3. Local life

The local life of the East Indians is evident of the religious customs of these places. You can find people visiting the shrines and monasteries very often. Taste the rural life of people by taking shelter at a local house. They have a habit of telling stories over a drink, sitting before a fireplace every evening. The best part of their lifestyle is that they have fun doing the household activities. Their traditional dance form called Bihu has its importance.

 4. Climate

The whole climate of East India is pleasing. It is always mild, and rainfall, heavy or moderate is always expected to take place. The wonderful weather of these states is just spellbinding. If you are fed up of the sweltering heat of the western states, then the East India is standing on its threshold to welcome you.

 5. Flora

The greenery of the East India is coupled with the colorful sprinkles of flowers. You get to see the blooming flowers in Sikkim with the Himalayan migratory birds. You will die to see the Dzukou Valley, which is filled with the magnificent rhododendron flowers. You can enjoy the sight of a variety of rhododendrons in Nagaland. The second highest peak Nagaland Japfu Peak (Valley of Flower) has a range of flowers that includes every color in its collection.

 6. Wildlife

The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary in Assam gives the opportunity to people to see the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Nameri National Park in Assam showcases the 300 species of birds and other animals like tiger and rhinos. In fact, Mizoram is known for the rare record of Wild Water Buffalo. You get to meet the animals of various types in these places that you may not have ever seen before. Kaziranga National Park is one of the most famous national parks that allow the tourists to see animals like wild elephants, gaur, and sambar, etc. You can also enjoy the yak rides in these states.

 7. Rivers and waterfalls

Located in the Rudra Sagar Lake, the Lake Palace of Tripura is a unique spot to visit in East India. The palace features the Hindu and Islamic architectural elements. You will be lost in the serenity of the Gurudongmar Lake (Sikkim), and the Nohkalikai Falls will mesmerize you to the core. The latter forms the wettest place in India because of the constant rainfall. The dense forests and the gushing water flow would intoxicate you.

 8. The caves

The Jaintia hills have a cave called Mawsmai Cave that has limestone-built cave formation and generally grabs the eye of the tourists. Situated in Meghalaya, 6 km away from Cherrapunji, this cave is one of its kinds. The Thalon cave in Manipur is an example of the presence of Hoabinhian Culture in India. It is situated 900m above the sea level and is the epicenter of tourists during the festivals and expeditions.

 9. The farms and plantations

The aroma of tea leaves will definitely drive you towards this land. The sparse lands of Assam and Darjeeling are occupied by the large farms of tea leaves. So, you can’t feel dizzy in East India because a sip of exclusive tea from these places will refresh you anytime. Talking of the green cover, the city called Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, is famous it. Mawsynram, the place in Cherrapunji, receives the highest rainfall in the country, and that is why the region is filled with greenery in the form of marshy mangroves and root bridges that are built by the binding the roots of these tough-barked trees together. The landscape of East India captivates people the most.

Let us make a trip to East India

 So, are you lost in the scenic beauty of the wonderful East India? These attractive things about East India are just a glimpse of what East India holds for you; once you visit the place, you will find really interesting spots to spend your leisure time. Don’t get enraptured by its beauty so much that you make plans to permanently settle there. Your regular life is waiting for you. The life in suburbs surely seems very quiet and free of the crowdedness of cities, but we can’t just sit back and enjoy it forever. We need to get back to reality. But if you are tired of the materialistic goals of life and want to attain Nirvana, then East India will definitely help you in doing that.

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