Are you brave enough to jump down a valley? Do you have the heart of a brave man? Are you a daredevil? Then playing with danger must be in your blood. A man who loves adventure is born to be in that way. If you are tough, robust, rowdy, and a resilient person, then you are no are no less than a roadie. Adventure is not just about climbing the cliffs and running down the gorges; it is also about the survival in the most unfavorable conditions. You must consider fatigue to be a part of your life if you want to mess with the most dangerous situations of life. You are no less than a military man when you do such nail-biting activities. Having a good physique is not enough, what if your biscuits fail to save from the threats?

So, if you have been looking for a heart throbbing experience in your life then here are the names of some of the most adventurous spots that may satisfy your urge for adventure. The tropical country, India, is blessed with vivid topographical terrains that offer you the best adventurous places.



If you like to extend your arms for nature’s magnetic attractions, then Manali in Himachal Pradesh is the place that gives you that opportunity. With the availability of Rohtang Pass, the adventure seekers can do trekking, and hiking, and get intoxicated by the natural offerings of Himachal Pradesh like pine forest and orchards. Don’t forget to do parasailing in the Solang Valley; it is unforgettable! The other spots in Himachal Pradesh are Kareri Lake and Kurfi. The former is at the height of 10,863ft and offers trekking facilities, and the latter is known for the skiing with the destinations called Mahasu, and Narkanda.

Arunachal Pradesh

The adventure sport in Arunachal Pradesh is diverse. If you like to challenge the roads, then the biking tours of Arunachal Pradesh will make you go crazy for them. You would love to ride along the streets. You would be intrigued by the magical beauty of Siang Valley and would be engrossed by the 11-day trekking tour of this valley.  You get to do Angling in Subansiri as well. The river rafting experience on the Subansiri is just the icing on the cake.

Garhwal Himalayas

The state of Uttarakhand has two divisions namely Kumaon and Garhwal. The Garhwal region is famous for its tourism because of the availability of adventure sports. You can enjoy the Bhrigu Trek to Rohtang and Pindari Glacier Trek. Auli, a place in Garhwal, offers skiing courses to the tourists and provide ski-resorts to them. The Valley of Flowers will blow away with its incredible beauty.

Satpura Mountain Ranges in Madhya Pradesh

For common people, rocky terrains are not preferable locations to reside, but for the adventurers, it is like their second home. Panchmarhi and Jabalpur are few of the many places in Madhya Pradesh that give you the pleasure of rock sports.  The Satpura mountain ranges across the Rappling Valley are famous for their rock climbing and trekking. So, give yourself a chance to climb the steep mountains and hills. Bandhavgarh National Park offers you a great Safari experience.

Pokhara in Nepal

Nepal is famous for its serenity and Buddhist cultural sites. But the gorgeous trails of Nepal provide an excellent location to carry out thrilling activities. From jumping down the rugged Cascades, witnessing the darkness of caves to trekking activities, Nepal allows the tourists to do anything. Surrounded by the God’s wonder of nature, Himalayas, the hills offer the place for rafting, kayaking, and hiking. So, lose yourself to the unconventional beauty of Nepal, explore the unexplored places.


Kaziranga National Park will give you an exciting treat of watching the rhinos and elephants closely during the safari. Other acquaintance to the Flora and fauna of Assam would be in the Nameri National Park, where you get to see 300 species of birds and 700 varieties of flowering plants. You can get a spine-chilling experience by indulging in river rafting in the Brahmaputra River. Enjoy the dynamic waves and be ready to get involved in more such experiences because Assam has a treasure of adventure.


There is not just one city, but the whole of Goa is known for its mind-blowing marine and other sports adventures. If you are much of an Aqua person, then Goan cities offer you a wide variety of such activities from snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing to underwater walk. You get to see the aquatic life very closely by being a part of the water world. If you want to get the taste of some terrestrial experience, then try the enthralling trekking tour of Tambdi Surla. The Dudhsgar Waterfall will mesmerize you with its stunning beauty, and also you get the chance of trekking here. Moreover, if you are a beginner and have no fears of height, then go for Udann Dongor Trek. There is a lot to experience in Goa, and you need to plan a long-term vacation to not to let anything left untouched.


Covered by the white glaciers, Kashmir has hidden the adventure beneath its fascinating beauty. It offers some popular skiing places like Gulmarg which lays the sheet of snow and enables the tourists to experience the meadows while skiing. Spots like Snow Leopard Trek, Parang La Trek, and Chadar will make you fall in love with the place. The bike tour to Leh on the undulating roads will give a memorable experience.

Nilgiri in Tamil Nadu

Talking of the finest trekking spots and Nigiri Hills are not on the list; that is impossible. The hill stations like Conoor, and Hyderabad-Deccan trek and the trekking in Chittoor offer the best trekking spots. The soothing climate of Tamil Nadu makes the adventure even more pleasing.

The Western Ghats in Karnataka

It is the hub of the biodiversity. With the Narsimha Parvata and Agumbe Ghat, it gives amazing spots for trekking. Explore the hidden beauty of Silent Valley, Chembra Peak, and Sakaleshpur by indulging in trekking activities. Play with the wildlife and take a fresh breath of air on the land of the Western Ghats.

Let’s get adventurous

So, are you already thrilled to know about these places, and then imagine what would happen when you would actually visit the destinations? Don’t wait for the opportunity to come on your path. If you are a real hero and an adventure lover, then just grab your kit and set out to explore the most amazing places in India. So, get yourself ready to witness the most exciting spots and earn the honor of being called a “Wild Man”. You are no Bear Grylls from “Man VS Wild” (Discovery channel), but you can strive to become one.

“Taste life in danger!”

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