All About Pearl Jewellery


Pearl Jewellery is Popular for Indians

Pearl is the most expensive bead and quite popular among Indians. Pearl jewelry is quite expensive because of its magnificent look. It is produced inside clams and is the only jewelry bead produced by an organism.

Pearal Jewellery for Indians

A pearl is produced inside a clam when some foreign particle causes irritation inside the shell. It produces a substance around the particle which hardens to become a pearl. Pearl jewelry is quite expensive because of its magnificent look. If you want to buy something different than the metal and stone jewelry, then pearl is a great option. If you are planning to buy a pearl set anytime soon, then here are a few things you need to know about pearl:

There are two types of pearls

Pearls are mainly found in two types – natural and cultured. But due to its high demand artificial and faster means of production has found its place in the market. The natural process is only possible due to the accidental infiltration of a foreign particle inside a clam thus making it rare and more valuable.

The artificial procedure is the same biological mechanism but it is not the chance factor. An object is introduced inside the clam to carry out the production of pearls. Yet, high-quality cultured pearls also take a minimum period of three years. Yet not all pearls are of good quality to be used in a jewelry. Only 5% of artificial pearls are of high-quality.

Hyderabad is the pearl city of India

In India, authentic top-quality pearls are found in Hyderabad. The 400-year-old rich heritage of the city and the grand lifestyles of the Nizams gave patronage to the highly-skilled craftsmen and a prolonged legacy of the making of pearl-jewelry. The Lad Bazaar and Patar Gatti are the two areas in Hyderabad that have the eldest pearl shops. The experiences sellers with great repute will guide you into buying the pearl set in gold.

Pearl Finds its Place in the Hindu Scriptures

Garuda Purana says that the sacred Nine Pearls and the Ayurveda prescribe pearl powder for good digestion and treating of various mental ailments. It was first found in the history during Marco Polo’s mention of a necklace that was worn by the king of Malabar and it was made of 104 pearls and rubies. It was also a mandatory ritual for Hindus to offer a fresh pearl in their marriage in the 20th century.

Pearl is also Believed to Have Astrological Benefits

Pearl jewelry is not only popular for its beauty but is also popular for possessing astrological benefits. Pearl is said to represent the moon in astrology, and further moon symbolizes mother and mind. Pearl is believed to give strength to one’s mood and make a more composed mind, give better sleep, stronger conjugal relationships, good memory, and good health. So next time you want to buy a jewelry, buy a gold chain design with a pearl on it. There are various other pearl jewelry items such as pearl studs, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bangles etc. But most people use pearl rings for astrological purposes.

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