7 Secrets Various Hotels May Keep from You


Whenever we visit any place, always look for the best hotels that provide us with great hospitality services, lavish rooms, and a beautiful view. Obviously, after spending a tiring day with your mates, you need to take respite, so you require a shelter full of comfort and ease. But these fancy hotels are not very attractive when it comes to disclosing the secrets of running a successful hotel brand. By the way, being the customers, you don’t need to know about the tactics that help a hotel to rise to a pinnacle.

What you need to be familiar with are the things that hotel owner and staff try to hide from the people, so that it does not lose loyal customers. Before you enter the threshold of the hotel, you need to scrutinize a few things about the hotel. But why do you need to do it? The simple answer is it is not your home; it is a hotel, a room you have paid for, a room that has already been used several times by somebody else and the food that you consume is also made collectively for all the customers in a pantry. No wonder how these hotels are taken off?  You can’t just trust any hotel and register for it. So, here is the list seven secrets that need to know about hotels. You will be stunned to hear these astonishing facts.

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    Third parties might charge an extra commissionHotel-Secrets-1

Booking a room directly by going to the hotel is the best way. What happens is the middle man from whom you pleaded to give the hotel room would definitely charge his own share of commission in it. So, to prevent yourself from any such loss, you should book the room directly. You would be shocked to know that these three or five hotels pay 30% commission to these online booking sites. So, now you can imagine how these hotels are actually plundering you.

  1. Do not trust the hygienic conditions of any hotelHotel-Secrets-2

You never know how many people and what kinds of people must have stepped into the room where you are staying right now? What if the previous inhabitant was an old man with some chronic disease? That old man must have left the germs on the bed sheet you are sitting on. How can you trust the housekeeper’s efficiency of maintaining the cleanliness in the rooms when they are allotted just a few minutes to clean up the whole room?

If you can’t bear a stain on the coverlet, then how can you stay in a hairy room? You know people; especially women have long hair, leave an unimaginable amount of hair in the rooms (specifically in bath tubs).

Talking about hygiene, what do you think about the kitchen? Do you think all the hotels follow a proper set of guidelines for cooks for working in the pantry? The residual fumes from the cookhouse cause cancer and respiratory ailments. In fact, the glasses that seem clean are also just rinsed with water in the sink. Please don’t puke after knowing these bitter facts.

  1. Security is questionableHotel-Secrets-3

Beware; the hotels might be tracking you. The security system is never trustworthy because the all the hotels are not soundproof. The managers can even listen to the complaints being made in the room. Don’t you think it is weird that when a person starts complaining about something in the room, then suddenly the staff members arrive at the right time? In fact, due to the increase in the occurrences of these towel or soap stealing activities, hotels have set up a plan for it. A Miami-based company has made some washable tags that are attached to the towels and have a tracker on it. So, if anyone steals the towel, then the thief can easily be caught.

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