5 Exercises to Prevent an Ankle Injury

5 Exercises to Prevent an Ankle Injury

Your ankle is a surprisingly small part of your body considering it’s an incredibly important part. If you injure your ankle you may find it difficult to walk around, exercise, or undertake any of your normal daily functions.

That’s why it’s important to do exercises that help to reduce the risk of injury to your ankles. Of course, if you have injured your ankle it’s a good idea to see a reputable physio wellers hill. They’ll make sure you have the best possible treatment and the speediest recovery.

  1. Ankle Circles

This is a simple one to start with. You’ll need to sit on the ground with your legs bent in front of you, feet flat on the floor. Lift one leg up and cross it over the other, keeping the knee bent. Then, slowly rotate your foot in circles. Try doing it 10 times clockwise and then another 10 anti-clockwise.

Don’t forget to switch legs and do both ankles!

  1. The Alphabet

This is as easy as the circles but adds a little fun into the exercise and you should never lose count of how many you’ve done!

You’ll need to start in the same position as the ankle circles and cross one leg over the other. Then, instead of doing circles, use your foot to spell each letter of the alphabet, it gets easier with practice.

Again, don’t forget to return your feet to the starting position and do the same with the other foot, otherwise, you’ll have one ankle that is less likely to get injured and one that is more likely!

  1. Calf Raise

This does more than just strengthen your ankles, it prepares them for the weight shift when your body is moving. That places them in control and less likely to be injured.

You’ll need to start with your feet shoulder-width apart and then slide your weight forward onto your toes. In the process, your heels should lift off the ground. Go as high as you can but do it slowly.

This will help you to maintain your balance, your ankles should stay in a neutral position. If you can’t go very high then don’t worry, you’ll find it easier every time you do it.

Again, you should be looking to do at least 10 of these, as well as strengthening your ankles you’ll find your calves are becoming more toned.

  1. Balancing on One Leg

You’ll actually be working the lower half of your body with this one, as well as strengthening your ankles.

Simply stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and then lift one foot up by bending your knee. Try to stand on one foot for 30 seconds, although you may not manage this on your first attempt.

If you notice your body shaking this simply means the exercise is working, because your muscles are working.

  1. The Shin Raise

Finally, you should try the shin raise which is very similar to the calf raise. In fact, the position and movement are the same, except that you’re focusing on lifting your toes off the ground, not your heels.

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