4 Common Plumbing Problems Faced By Sydney Property Owners


Sydney is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in Australia. Its housing market is one of the strongest in the entire country. As of November 2019, the city’s dwelling values reached a total of 5.3 percent, according to a report from CoreLogic. The city’s property market also recorded the fastest turnaround since 1994. While you may experience no problems when buying a new property in Sydney, owning one does not guarantee that you will never experience any setbacks. 

You may still face other issues while maintaining your home. Some of the most common household problems include blocked drains and busted sewer lines. These situations require the expertise of plumbers who specialize in pipe relining Sydney

Here are the specific types of plumbing problems that Sydney residents usually face in the city.    


Blocked Drains

One of the biggest plumbing problems faced by most residential properties in Sydney involves clogged drains. It may cause plenty of inconveniences since it may flood the bathroom floor or clog the kitchen sink. While you can quickly fix this using a plunger or other natural home treatments, some blocked drains have underlying causes like malfunctioning pipes. To address this problem, you need to call professionals who are experts in pipe relining in Sydney to inspect the plumbing system in your property and make the necessary repair. 

Running Faucet

Another common problem that Sydney residents encounter is a running faucet. While this is a minor problem, the sound of the dripping faucet may annoy the people in the household. Fixing this problem is easy. The busted faucet needs to be replaced immediately. You may also check if the faucet’s washers or seals are loose so you can find a replacement for the defective parts. Also, you can look for a washerless faucet and replace your old one with it. This type of faucet is more durable compared to the typical faucets.  

Clogged Showerhead

The most natural state of water in Sydney is hard water. If left untreated, hard water can cause limescale build-up in the plumbing system and other household appliances. It may also clog the showerhead since calcium deposits may form when hard water gets heated. 

Fortunately, Sydney Water adds chlorine and fluoride to the water before it reaches the taps of the households in the city. But to be sure, you may install a rubber faceplate in your showerhead at home to remove salts and other mineral particles regularly. You may also use a nail brush or toothpick to clear the minerals that clogged the showerhead. 

Blocked Toilets

Toilet problems are pervasive in the city. But it is also one of the most natural plumbing problems that you can solve on your own. If the toilet water flushes slower than it used to, it may mean that something is wrong in your toilet bowl. You can quickly solve it using a plunger. But if the problem continues, it may also have a deeper cause. You can have your pipes inspected by calling pipe relining professional services. If they discover that one of your pipes has too much blockage, you can have it fixed right away.

These are some of the most prevalent plumbing problems faced by Sydney homeowners today. All of these have natural remedies using items that you can generally find at home. If the problems persist, you may seek the help of professional plumbing service provides to avoid more significant problems in the future.

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