10 Things Your Best Friend Expects From You On Her Wedding


Your best friend’s wedding is like a dream to you. When your best friend is counting down the days to her wedding, you are thinking about the things you are going to do at her wedding. You both know there will be many changes, but nothing can hit your strong bond. It is still a lot of fun to spend some more pre-wedding time with her and planning everything according to her expectations. You know your best friend has a big list for you and you need to make her feel that you will fulfil all her expectations and make some wonderful memories for her. You know it’s your best friend’s wedding and the excitement level is very high, but she will also expect some things from your side. Here are ten things your best friend expects from you on her wedding.

The ‘WE’ time

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Before getting married, your best friend is definitely expecting some ‘we’ time with you. She would love to cherish every single moment with you before her wedding. Even if you spend an evening with her, she’ll be happy enough. You guys can also go together on lunch dates or movie dates to add it in your memories. You can just sit together and gossip too.

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