Flirting is like an art. It takes major practice to master the subtle signs with the perfect timing. There are so many flirting tips for men, and they are so easy to identify. When a guy flirts it’s all over his face but when a girl flirts it is so hard to make out. Girls usually don’t flirt only using certain physical signs. The ways in which a girl flirt is a bit different from boys and that’s the reason why boys are not able to judge when exactly a girl is flirting. Women are very subtle when it comes to flirting so, you need to be aware especially towards their gestures. Remember alertness is the key here. Here are 10 obvious signs to know she is trying to flirt with you.



A smile is the simplest form of flirting. If she is smiling, not the forced one but a genuine smile, right there is your first sign to know she is interested in you. A smile is a positive sign for you to know that she is enjoying your company. All you need to do is keep that smile there and smile back. But, by this, I do not mean that if a girl smiles at you, she has fallen for you. Most of the signs it is just a simple gesture or greet.


When the girl is with you and she keeps playing with strands of her hair, it means she is open to your advances. So right there is your second sign for keep chatting. Constant playing with her hair and smoothening them may mean that she is trying to impress you with her looks and playfulness. She might be trying to look and behave cute in front of you to make to you attract towards her kiddish activities.


If a girl finds a way to touch you lightly during your conversation, it is a huge sign. When a woman breaks the contact barrier, it is a sure sign that she is into you. Gently shoving your arms when you make some jokes or leaning in towards you are some signs of her trying to get close to you.


When a girl is really into you, and she has her flirt mode on then, she will be straightforward. Instead of giving vague answers to you, to questions like whether she likes to see you in future, she would rather be honest and frank with you. She would be confident and concrete instead of giving uncertain answers to your questions.


If a woman is really into you, she will laugh at all your jokes even the ones which are not so funny, again a big sign. When a woman is interested in a guy, she will be interested in everything he has to say. So, if you are with a woman and you manage to engage her in a conversation it means you did a good job there.


She will play this game of looking away, but she will keep glancing at you. So if you catch her staring at you, it means she is interested in you and you have a real chance with her. Mostly shy girls do that so when you see a girl giving you hidden glances maybe that’s her best way to flirt with you.


When you are with a girl, and she is interested in you, she will act differently around you, positively different of course. If you have the opportunity, look closely to how her behavior alters when she is with other guys. It could be because she is in her flirt mode when you are with her.


Fidgeting could go both ways; she is bored, or she is interested. If she is playing with her hair, smoothening her clothes, plays with the ring on her finger and maintains eye contact all along means she is interested in you. If she keeps looking away while you are speaking, then it clearly indicates that she can’t wait to get away from you.


One way to know if a girl is really into you is how involved she is in your conversation. If she is interested in you, she will listen to every word you have to say. She will give her comments, ask counter questions always maintain the eye contact and she will maintain the conversation alive. And when she just want to get away from you, she will do anything but not listen.


Women are very limited with their compliments, so when she compliments you then it a sure sign of her being interested in you. Especially the compliment about your looks and physique means she is attracted to you.

Is any Girl Flirting with you?

These were the ten signs to know the girl is into you. These will help you to know if she is into you or not. Sometimes girls are shy when it comes to expressing their interest to you, and they leave certain signs and gestures. So, next time you are with a girl, remember, it’s all about being attentive and seeing if any of these 10 signs are actually making sense.

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