10 Signs You Are Not Born To Be An Entrepreneur



How would you define an entrepreneur? Is it someone with a grumpy look on his/her face? Is it someone with a long beard and a dashing personality? You might visualize the picture of an entrepreneur in your mind the way you want, but actually, an entrepreneur is more than just his/her appearance. An entrepreneur becomes an entrepreneur because of his/her demeanor; you can also be one. But before you draw your picture in your mind, let me tell you that you need to have that X factor in you to be called an entrepreneur. This era is blessed with many successful entrepreneurship stories, be it Facebook, Alibaba, or any other local ventures. These inspiring stories of transforming the layman into a billionaire have become possible only because of the tenacity of these people. Any vagabond can’t think of becoming an entrepreneur. If you want to know that you are an entrepreneur or not, then the below-mentioned points would clear the doubts about you.

Here are 10 signs that approve that there is no entrepreneur that resides inside you:


1. Can’t think out of the box

The creativity is the basic foundation that cements the éclat of an entrepreneur. If you can’t think something beyond imagination, if you can’t rub off your head to a creative idea, then you are a misfit for this field. You need to have a bee in your bonnet to turn your idea into reality; then you can become a business person.

2. If you like to remain one among the crowd

If you want to remain a common man for the rest of your life, then this entrepreneurship is beyond your understanding. You have to distinguish yourself from others to succeed. You have to prove that you have the potency to excel in this vulnerable ocean of business.

3. Inquisitiveness

When you are curious to upgrade your existing knowledge, and you like to explore, then only you are thinking about being an entrepreneur. If you are not eager to raise the horizons of your mind, then you are surely not prepared for it.

4. Not ready to take risks in life

It is the backbone of an entrepreneur. Every business starter finds himself/herself in the well of insecurity because there is a question lingering around whether the business would be accepted by the people or not. If you can’t take a chance and try your luck, then you should give up this idea of entrepreneurship.

5. Not prepared to face disappointments

You have to valiant to struggle in this fluctuating market. You can’t expect to get a smooth road to walk on; there will be road bumps that will obstruct your way to the success. So, either be ready to take these challenges or you lose hope in the very beginning and don’t step into this world.

6. If you can’t see your future

An entrepreneur is the one who has a vision gift. He/she can see farther away from what naked eyes can see. You should predict the future of your business so that you can strategize properly for it. If you are not a good visionary, then you don’t expect yourself to become a successful entrepreneur.

7. If you don’t have the zeal to do the work

The zeal refers to your assiduity that makes you constantly work for your business. To dream is one thing but to go mad after the dream is another thing. If you can’t enjoy doing your business and you do not have the guts to burn both the ends of the candles, then you should get this thought of entrepreneurship out of your mind.

8. If you don’t possess the passion

If your passion can’t turn into your aggression, then entrepreneur is not meant for you. You need to have a flame in our eyes to push things up for your business. You can’t let anything be away from your vicinity. You have to show respect to your work, and if you try to dig in your hills, then you would be left empty-handed.

9. Not accepting competition in a healthy way

When you start your own business, then you are always under threat. Your investment must bear fruits for you. You must be aware of your competitors’ pace of work, and if you think that you are not capable enough to face the rivalry, then entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea. You should be psychologically strong to sustain in this highly competitive industry.

10. Go by the rule book

Entrepreneurs don’t follow the set rules because they make their own guidelines. Their way of carrying out the work is divergent and don’t like anybody to teach them how to run their business. So, if you are one such traditional law, then you are not welcome to the world of innovation.

Are you born to be an Entrepreneur?

What do you think about yourself? Do you have it in you that you could claim yourself to be an outstanding entrepreneur? If you do, then you must honor the world by contributing your talent to it. If the signs show you that you are not an entrepreneur, then don’t put your life at stake, look for some other backup plan. You need to discover the professional in you. It is not that the world is left with just one option that is of entrepreneurship, it is one of the many career avenues that you can choose from. You have something better for you waiting at the end of the sea shore.

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