10 Pisces Characteristics Which They Try To Hide


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Pisces symbolise two fish tied together in opposite directions. It expresses the duality of Pisces. Pisces are born in between 19 February to 20 March. Pisces are known as one of the most mysterious of the signs. They feel a lot and are very emotional, but there are many things which we are not aware of. Here are 10 Pisces characteristics which they try to hide from the world.


Positive spirit

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Pisces are extremely positive spirits, and they bring out the best in other. They will always be positive around others and will show support to them. They will always encourage other in everything. Pisces have a sense of confidence and positivity. It is one of the positive Pisces characteristics.


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It is one of those Pisces characteristics which is not known by many. They are highly intuitive about things happening around them or with people around them. They have the power to read people. They can point out the emotional instincts about their friends and loved ones. They are good at knowing about a person’s real motives.


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Pisces are dreamers. They will always want to escape the reality and get lost in their own mind and imagination. It is one of the innovative Pisces characteristics. They are crazy enough to find a new way to do things with the help of their imagination.


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Pisces are really creative, and they have a creative mind in everything. They will always carry their vision in a creative manner and will always have original thoughts running through their minds. It is one of the positive Pisces characteristics.


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Pisces are entirely adaptable, and they get along with all sorts of people very easily. They will always be ready to adjust and enjoy everybody’s company. It is one of the positive Pisces characteristics. They will always find something common around them and will quickly adapt the new surroundings and new people.

Big heart

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Pisces have a gigantic heart, and this is one of those Pisces characteristics which is not known to many. They are incredibly kind and generous to everybody around them and will always have an open heart for people. They are truly the most generous creatures.


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Pisces can be incredibly indecisive at times. They can struggle to come up with a conclusion, and they will always be scared of making the wrong decisions. It is one of the most annoying Pisces characteristics which is only known to the ones who are close to them.


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Pisces hate the feeling of being alone and left out. It is one of those Pisces characteristics which you might not know about. They always want people around them, and they hate being rejected and alone. They are scared of being alone. They crave for meaningful and long lasting relationships. Though sometimes they can enjoy their alone time, not always.


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With Pisces being so kind and generous it becomes harder to judge their competitive side. It is one of those Pisces characteristics which is a little shocking. You might not know, but Pisces have a really competitive side, and they love challenges. They like to win games and every situation in life.


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Pisces value sincerity and honesty. They hate people who lie to them and be fake in front of them. They will always appreciate the ones who stay honest and sincere with them. It is one of the positive Pisces characteristics.

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