Most of you might have studied about the menstrual cycle that women tend to experience every month. During this phase, the lining of the uterus tends to break down and hence is excreted from the body. However, this natural phenomenon can result in numerous side effects, from mood swings to cramps as well as other changes in the body. But during this phase women needs nourishment supplied to her body so that she doesn’t suffer from issues such as fatigue or any other similar issue. But there are certain foods which should be avoided during this phase, these include:


1. Refined Grain:

As soon as the grains are refined most of the nutritional content in them is destroyed. Therefore if you consume this, it would do no benefit to your body except increasing the levels of blood sugar. This would result in increasing the side effects of what is known as PMS or Post Menstrual Disorder. Therefore you should try not consuming this food while you are on your periods. Instead, you can try and include whole grain in your diet, but stay clear of any refined grain food such as Pasta, Cookies, etc.

2. Caffeine Rich Food

Caffeine is known to occur in numerous things such as tea, coffee, cocoa beans and is known to be one of the very addictive components of food. So during the time of your periods, if you would consume caffeine, you would be experiencing things such as sleeping difficulties or menstrual pain. So try and reduce the intake of caffeine in your diet, for which try not to consume food such as chocolate, energy drink or any type of coffee flavored sweets.

3. Trans Fat

Trans Fat are known to be present in numerous food items and can especially be found in numerous junk food such as onion rings etc. These fats present in any food item are capable of causing inflammation in the body and hence to prevent this you can try consuming some of the healthier substitutes which are known as seeds, nuts, olive oil or avocados. These are known to contain an unsaturated type of fat which your body actually needs.

4. Dairy Products or Meat

The reason for you to reduce the intake of numerous dairy products as well as meat is that it is known to contain high amounts of saturated fats which are known to cause problems such as inflammations. During the time of your periods, you can try feasting upon foods which are known to contain high amounts of protein such as peas, beans, lean meat, and legume. Also, you might consider reducing the daily intake of food items such as high-fat cheese sauces, butter, oil and other foods which have been prepared using the dairy food.

5. Salty Food

When on your period try avoiding the consumption of high salt foods such as chips, pretzels or frozen dinner, as salt retains water and gives you a feeling of being bloated which is something you should never experience while on your periods. Also, try a bit less to consume food for numerous restaurants as they tend to include a very high amount of salt in their food items.

6. Alcohol

This is again something that you should take pretty seriously. Reduce your overall consumption of alcohol such as wine while you are entering the phase of menstruation. Drinking numerous alcoholic drinks has been known to reduce the levels of water in the body which is something that you don’t want during the time of menstruation. Also, as you drink alcohol, you might then want some foodstuff to consume which would be definitely something you should avoid.

7. Foods With High Sugar

All of us tend to love food items which are sweet as well as tasty. However, while on your periods try reducing the intake of numerous sugary foods, or if possible try and do not consume any such item. Food such as candies, sweets as well as other similar food brings out the issues of menstrual cramps, and you would also begin to have issues of hyperactivity which would burn your energy, which is again something that we wouldn’t want.

8. Red Meat

We have already mentioned not to consume red meat during the time of your periods, however here we give the reason for this statement. These food items are known to contain Arachidonic acids which create certain chemicals which result in issues such as menstrual cramps. Therefore, try avoiding the consumption of red meat and stop it if possible in case you are on your periods.

9. Products that have been Baked Commercially

Numerous food items that haven’t been mentioned in this list are known to contain grains, caffeine or sugar in one form or the other. But let us explain why exactly do you need to keep a distance from any of the baked products in the market. Commercially baked products are known to contain high levels of trans fat and might also increase the level of estrogen in the body. This would result in uterine pain and hence you ought to stay pretty far from it.

10. Ice Cream

Yes, we know that most of you love desserts very much and cannot even imagine leaving it. However we aren’t asking you to leave this sweet dish for your entire life, just don’t consume them during your menstrual cycle. Ice cream is just like another sweet dish which stimulates issues such as mood swings. As an alternative to consuming ice creams, you can consume sugar-free frozen yogurt, or you might simply go for an ice juice bar which wouldn’t cause any more trouble.

Hence, during the time of your menstrual cycle try staying clean of the above-mentioned foods.


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