10 Facts About Jayalalitha You Would Be Shocked To Know

10 Facts About Jayalalitha You Would Be Shocked To Know

Jayalalitha is the women who broke the norm ‘women are for households and men are for the country’. She was fondly known as the Amma of Tamil Nadu. She broke the gender inequalities which were running in the society, and she conquered. Be it in the film industry or the politics, she gained supremacy in both. Here are ten facts about Jayalalitha you would be shocked to know.


Bathed in public

During the 1992 Mahamaham Festival, which is the Kumbh Mela of the South, Jayalalitha has a ritual bath in the ghats. It started a sudden rush because of the people who came to visit. Suddenly, a massive stampede happened, and 50-60 people died because of this stampede.

Unfinished love

During her acting career, Jayalalitha fell in love with an actor Shoban Babu. The actor was already married, and Jayalalitha was caught watching him once. Her love story remained incomplete because of the star being married. Though, the shocking part is that Jayalalitha never got married either.


She was a passionate writer and also wrote one book of her own. Jayalalitha also used to write for the Tamil Weekly Publications. She had a thing for writing and loved writing. The name of the Tamil Weekly was ‘Thai’.


Jayalalitha helped a young gardener to pursue his studies, and he scored well in class 10th. That Gardner completed his studies in a reputed engineering college in Madurai. Today, he is working for Amazon.


Jayalalitha was also fond of reading books the way she was fond of writing. She always used to carry one English book while travelling anywhere. She was a great reader of English books and loved reading.

Guinness Book of Worlds Record

Jayalalitha’s name is in the Guinness book of world’s record. She has been registered for hosting the largest wedding reception. She organised this wedding reception for her foster son in 1995, during her first term as the chief minister. She threw a lavish wedding. There were 1,50,000 guests, and the wedding took place at a 50-acre ground in Chennai.

She was forced to act

She was fantastic in her studies, and she secured the first rank in her board exam. Her mother, Sandhya was a well-known actress, and she gained Jayalalitha’s access in the industry at a young age. Her passion was not acting because she was more of a thoughtful person and loved studying.

Lowest paid

Jayalalitha was the lowest paid chief minister in the history. She was given a cheque as her first salary, on which she said that she had a source of income and did not need salary’. When she was told that she should receive a salary as a public servant, she then accepted a salary of Rs 1/-. It also impressed the public and some politicos also joined her.

No jewellery

Jayalalitha vowed not to wear any jewellery in 1997. The government of Tamil Nadu, run by DMK confiscated all her jewellery during investigation case of owning disproportionate assets. 750 pairs of footwear, 800 kilogrammes of silver, 10000+ sarees, 28 kilogrammes of gold, 44 air conditioners and 91 watches were recovered from her home. She did not wear any piece of jewellery for 14 years. Then she wore silver during 2011 and said that her party worker forced her and she had to respect their sentiments.

New trend

Jayalalitha was the first Tamil actress to wear a sleeveless blouse and drench under a waterfall for a song. She broke through a new trend of wearing sleeveless shirts.

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