10 Benefits of Dating an Independent Woman



Are you in a relationship with a girl who knows her own mind? Do you believe tangling with a working lady is much difficult from a girl who has no ambition? It is weird that when ladies turn 25 or 30, people start clinging to their head for marriage and if a man exceeds the age of 40, then also people don’t comment on his eligibility age. Why is this discrimination? In old times, the procedure was such that once the girl becomes a graduate, the family would shove her to tie the knot. Nowadays, with women opting for their own ways of living, it is a hard job for guys to capture them in their trap. In this century, women don’t need guys to fulfill their needs and earn a living for them. This is the reason why men go into the overdrive to get a successful woman in their lives. But the chivalrous men who can’t bear the superiority of the women are still hunting for the timid ladies who can’t raise their volumes before them. I know it is astounding, but such numb shells still exist. However, if you want to date a lady who is not fit in any of the conventional categories set by the patriarchs, then you are definitely in search of an independent lady of this modern era. In fact, there are many benefits of dating a woman of this century.

Here is the list of the merits that you can encounter when you date an independent girl:


1. You don’t have to be her dense lawyer

The girls are thought to be fragile and weak, but when she is addressed to the world of freedom, then she turns into a powerful soul. If you date such a mentally and physically firm girl, then you don’t have to move around like her bodyguard all the time. You don’t have to lend your shoulder to let her cry over it; she is strong enough to manage things on her own. You don’t have to rebuttal on her behalf. She can take her own stand.

2. She is not financially dependent on you

Earlier, it was a belief that woman should be the housewife, and the man should be the one who brings bacon for the house. But now this stereotype has changed, and women no longer stay at home and take care of the house and babies. They contribute to the expenses of the house. They can now be called as the “MISTRESS OF THE HOUSE” in a real sense. So, while taking the girl out for a dinner, you don’t have to be worried about paying the bills, she is there to take her charge.

3. You don’t get a maid in the form of a lover

For men who believe that women are to be confined to homes, the women of this generation are not meant for you. They may not know cooking, but they have a heart filled with love that is enough for a prosperous relationship. The women have the skills to manage personal and professional life both in an efficient way.

4. She understands the essence of personal space

They know how it feels like to be out for work 24*7, so they don’t complain about the time given to them. In fact, they understand that to keep lives running smoothly for both of them; it is important to give the much-required space to each other and reduce the chances of disputes for that reason.

5. She is not much of a shopaholic

Mostly women demand jewelry and expensive branded outfits, but these contemporary women would not give you heebie-jeebies with their exorbitant needs as they don’t have any. Such ladies are satisfied with themselves and don’t have time to raise such demands, and even if they do desire something, they are capable of buying it themselves.

6. She is less demanding than the other girls

The self-reliant ladies are not clinging. They don’t cry over petty issues of not sparing time for them; they are well aware of the hectic lifestyle of working people. Therefore, they don’t make a fuss about it. They will just ask you to love them and not to cheat behind their back.

7. You feel confident to her out in your business parties

Sometimes, the men are embarrassed to take their girlfriends to some high-society parties because of the fear that their partner does create any nuisance. A professional lady knows how to behave in such gatherings and socialize with people in a sophisticated manner. You would be proud of taking her with you, and you two would shine out as a couple in the party.

8. She does not want to hang the placard of “Just Married” around her neck

She is intelligent and practical, and she wants herself and her partner to concentrate first on their respective careers which appear as a blessing for men. Men fear from this “married tag” and that is why they run away from commitment, so this would not be an issue if you choose a self-determined girl for you.

9. She will not approach to get her dreams come true

Unlike the women of the previous generation, the educated women are very much particular about their self-esteem, so they don’t like to take favors from their boyfriends/husbands. Thus, you don’t have to be bothered about her ambition; just don’t stop her from doing what she wants.

10. She is independent that is itself a boon

The word “Independent” encompasses all the qualities that an ideal person should have. Women are naturally gifted creations, and when you add independence to their flight, then they fly beyond infinity. All the problems are solved when you are in a relationship with a sensible self-dependent woman. But mind you, if you try to torture her after your marriage then beware she will not sulk sitting at home, she will fight for her rights and demand alimony. Well, she is not afraid of the frown on your face.

You are fortunate if you have an independent woman standing by your side

There is a saying that “Behind every successful man, there is always a woman.” I think it is time to modify this statement and men become the one helping the women in pursuing their dreams. In short, after few years, the phrase should be “Behind every indistinctly successful woman, there is always a helping hand of a man.” So, what do you say, girls? Are you ready to knock out the men? To all the men out there, take an oath “We will not underestimate the power of a lady because they are more than just homemakers.” The aforementioned points seem perfect for a man who wants to give an equal standing to his/her partner, but for those who want to date to a fling, then sorry boys, you don’t deserve any. Dating an independent girl is like seeing yourself in some other soul because both the souls are respectable towards each other’s work.

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