USB C or type c is the latest invention of the USB implementers’ forum. According to some reports, because of USB C’s useful features, the world is adopting it pretty quickly. That’s why according to the manufacturers’ USB-c will soon replace the previous USB versions such as USB A USB B, USB mini B. it means soon almost everywhere everything will be charged, powered, and connected by USB C cables.

Being the newest shape and size, USB C started a new generation of USB connectors. With its reversible design, it becomes easier to use, and being an improved version of the previous ones, it can also perform pretty fast. Large companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have already adopted USB C. That makes us see how almost every smartphone will have a USB c charger cable in the near future.

However, USB C is also linked to several new and powerful technologies including, USB power delivery and thunderbolt.


Difference between USB 3.1 and USB C

USB 3.1 and USB C were developed at the same time, but they are not the same.

  • USB 3.1 is an updated version of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. the USB c was built on the data-transfer standards of the USB 3.1
  • When USB 3.1 is a new technology, USB C cable brings all the functionality that can support the latest technology.
  • USB 3.1 is the newest USB data transfer standard, and USB c e is the latest USB connector type.
  • USB C is four times faster than USB 3.1 and almost three thousand times faster than the old USB 1 spec of 12 Mbps.

Why is the USB C charger cable better than previous cables?

Here are the reasons that make USB C cable better than the previous ones,

  • Easy to Use

The reversible connector feature is precisely what makes it user friendly. You don’t have to point up or down to the USB C cable and plug it in either way. USB-c is specifically designed to suit all types of devices so that you don’t have to have multiple cables for multiple devices.

  • Universal

The USB C cable is not recognized as a USB c charger cable, but also any devices like digital cameras, laptops, tablets, or anything can be connected with USB C.

  • Faster than all

USB C cable can transfer data up to 10 Gbps speed. This means now you can transfer a high definition, a lengthy movie in just 30 seconds. And with that, we can say that USB c or USB 3.0 is 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

  • USB charging

Forma USB standards were only said to charge low power devices like smartphones. But the new USB c charger cable has new specifications of USB power delivery that gives a bill of transferring up to 100 watts. That means, apart from a fast-charging facility for phones, a USB C charger cable can also power a laptop. It can provide a faster internet connection while connected to external devices.

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