The Pros & Cons of Having Springrates Coilovers Installed


At Springrates, we know a thing or two about springrates coilovers and we understand just what a boost they provide to your car’s handling, braking and cornering. However, no product in history is without it’s negative aspects, so we thought that we’d go through some of the pros and cons of having a set installed on your ride.

By reading to the end, you’ll understand why so many people invest in springrates coilovers for their car and why some others choose not to. So why not sit back and relax while we give you the lowdown on the advantages and disadvantages of coilovers from Springrates.

The Benefits of Having Springrates Coilovers Installed

The advantages of installing coilovers on your car are numerous, as they play a pivotal role in how your car handles. To begin with springrates coilovers let you get a better feel for the road, as they allow the driver to feel all of its imperfections through the steering wheel. Also with coilovers installed into your suspension, you get a stiffer ride, which means that your ride won’t bottom out when hitting bumps in the road.

Springrates coilovers also prevent your car from leaning into the corners, due to a lower center of gravity, which means there’s less weight shifted by centrifugal force. You’ll also find that your car’s handling improves and has more stability and grip when driving quickly. Having less weight transfer generally means you’ll be able to accelerate faster too.

If that weren’t enough already, springrates coilovers mean your car has less drag, is less likely to roll and has improved traction. That’s not forgetting either that lowering your ride makes it look super cool and much more likely to stand out in a crowd. There’s no doubt, coilovers really do offer a great deal to your ride and they’re not too hard on the budget either!

The Drawbacks of Having Coilovers Installed on Your Ride

We wouldn’t be being balanced and impartial if we didn’t mention the drawback of Springrates coilovers. Typically speaking, the performance boost you get does come at a little cost of comfort and when set at a low ride height, it will prevent you from driving on rough roads. Depending on how accurate your setup was, you might also experience some accelerated or uneven tyre wear.

When you bottom out, it hurts, as your vehicle hits the road and this can happen if you set your ride height too low. It’s possible that you’ll end up needing a flatbed to be recovered in the event of a breakdown and if you get a flat, you might not be able to use your standard jack to change it.

Your Number One Supplier of Quality Springrates Coilovers

At Springrates, we understand that springrates coilovers come with some pros and cons, but we know that when all things are considered, they still represent a fantastic investment in your ride. When you really know what you’re doing, many of the drawbacks cease to be a problem and then you just get the advantages. That’s a winner in our books!

So if you would like to know more about anything discussed here or you’re serious about investing in some top quality coilovers for your car, why not visit us at There you’ll find everything you need to know, as well as details of how to contact us and make your purchase

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