Top 10 Positive Gemini Traits

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Gemini is the third zodiac sign in the zodiac chart. People who are born between the month 21st May-20th June falls under this sign.

Thanks to their imagination and creativity that they usually lead an exciting life. They love to talk and building the friendship. The Twins represents zodiac sign, and thus they are mostly in conflict with their emotions. They are always uncertain, though they are intelligent and witty. They are the great communicator and very adaptive. They like changes and prefer having ever changing life to keep things interesting.


Here are some of the positive Gemini traits


You will find two types of mysterious people around you – dark and brooding ones like Scorpions, and then there are Geminian with their upbeat and flippant personality and yet perplexing. They probably seem mysterious because they are interested in everything yet nothing. Just when you think you know them, they go and do something that leaves you bamboozled.


Some may call it  the symbol of capricious, but what Gemini does is spontaneous at its best. Their mind changes very quickly especially on the things that do not hold their interest. It could be simple things like clothes and shoes or important stuff like jobs and cities. If you are a grounded sort of person, then you will have a hard time keeping up with a Gemini.



Gemini traits include being extremely curious. They are blatant about checking out anything that picks their interest and mind it they will do so without blinking an eye. These are among those few zodiacs that have this chutzpah.



Gemini has a personality Energizing Bunny of zodiac circle. They have an incredible zest for life. Flying from one idea to another, their lively vibes are infectious as they look out the next cool thing life has stored for them. Monotony is not for them; they are people with wild spirit.



Contrasting to what people think of Geminian as impulsive and two-minded, they are decisive people. They make decisions on the crack and are very impatient. A Geminian will use his/her guts while making a decision. Moreover, it’s hard to sway them once they have made their mind.



This is one of those Gemini traits that look very obvious. This goes without saying that their inborn curiosity and energy make them one of the friendliest groups. Gemini would never be alone in the room full of people. They mesmerize you with their easy going talks even before you make up your mind to have a conversation with them.



Funny does not even begin to describe their vibrant trait. They have a great talking skill and verbal deftness, which makes them fun to talk to. They are talented enough to make their way out of an awkward conversation. They are sassy; they have a way with their words which would make them a great salesperson or politician perhaps.



Gemini traits are not limited to pleasant talking skill they are good at action too. Perhaps it is their dual personality that makes able to manage double the workload an average person would do. Gifted with amazing management skill they can get more work done than an ordinary individual.



People born under Gemini symbol are not the one to sit at their home and let the life go in its ordinary course. They are the ones that would wander into strange lands seeking adventure. Well, it might not be a great idea, but the point is nothing can keep them down for too long. One of the best Gemini traits is their unconquerable life spirit.



You would quickly fall in love with a Geminian. Besides their liveliness, it is their distinct charm that reels you in. ‘People’s person’ is a perfect word to describe Geminians. They have their share of negative characteristics, but being dull is not one of them.


Geminians are often considered as impulsive, and superficial, people born under this sign have the lot to offer. And the above discussed Gemini traits are the reasons that put ‘Gem’ in Gemini

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Written by Pooja Pushpan

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