We are left with terrible holes in our hearts when we lose our loved ones, and the best way to remember them is by designing a headstone. Purchasing a headstone is complex, especially during this trying time, and you must consider several things. 

The headstone culture traces back to Jewish customs and is an excellent way to honor the dead. Below we discuss everything you need to know about headstones. 


Types of Headstones

As stated above, Legacy Headstones have been around for a long time and are available in different types.  These designs are being improved every day, and below, we discuss the most common types;

Flat Markers

Some headstones are flat markers, meaning they have a lawn level. These headstones are mainly bronze or granite. Granite is the best option since it is available in different colors. These headstones are economical and small and usually cost around $200 to $250. 

Flat markers can be raised a few inches or lay flush in the ground. Even though they are standard, these headstones have included finishes and features that make them a fan favorite. 

Upright Headstone

Upright headstones consist of a vertical stone put on a base stone and are the most common. These stones are thick, tall, and made using different materials. They also come in different designs and shapes. 

How to Buy a Headstone

Different cemeteries have distinct guidelines and regulations concerning the best headstones, and you should ask before you buy. For example, some cemeteries only allow bronze or granite headstones, and you will make a better decision by asking. 

Your budget should also be a top consideration before buying these items to avoid stretching your finances. Your budget will also enable you to shop since you already have a price limit. Below we discuss how to buy a headstone;


As stated above, headstones are made using different materials, and your choice is purely based on your preferences. Sandstone materials are not as strong as the rest; you should pick others instead. 

Most people choose bronze or granite headstones since they withstand adverse weather conditions and are durable. Granite headstones are also easy to maintain. Remember, slate, and granite marbles are available in different colors, and some have various patterns that make them popular. 


It is advisable to remember that engraving diminishes with time, especially when using sandstone. Even though sandstone can last long, you should opt for other designs. Most headstones in old cemeteries are made using sandstone, but people use other materials today. 

The standard engraving price ranges from $200 to $800, and you are advised to save around $30 per letter. 

Shape and Size

Most cemeteries regulate the size of the headstone, but mourners are left free to determine its shape. The most common shapes include;

  • Sculptured cross
  • Tablet
  • Upright monuments
  • Plaque
  • Pedestal with surmounts 
  • Nameplate.

Final Thoughts 

Headstones have been present for a long time and are a perfect way to remember our loved ones. The above article has discussed everything you need to know about them, and you can reach out for more information. 

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